Training Camp Today with Luke Braun from "Locked on Vikings"

Jonathan Starr
 August 12, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

Neil Roberts
There are several position battles going on in Vikings camp. Let's talk the O-line. One is at that center position where Garrett Bradbury appears to be on shaky ground at best. And some names might include Austin Schlozman, Josh Sokol, or perhaps more likely, former Colt Chris Reed. Joining us now is our Vikings insider, Luke Braun from Locked on Vikings. And Luke, how do you see that shaping up?

Luke Braun
So right now, the battle that is happening in front of our eyes is for second team center. Austin, Schlozman and Chris Reed are splitting those reps. Bradbury is not having a great camp, so there's some speculation that if that continues, my guess would be if he does poorly in the preseason, then you might start to split some reps and that would be what we're really looking for. Chris Reed hasn't taken any snaps at center in any live games or anything like that, so it's wishful thinking until it isn't, but it's definitely something to keep your eye on. In particular, if Chris Reed has a good preseason game, then we watch out.

Neil Roberts
All right. Hey, good stuff. Hey, we'll talk right guard when we come back.

Neil Roberts
We're with Luke Braun from Lockdown Vikings and Luke Right Guard is another vacancy on the squad and perhaps not Wyatt Davis, but dolphin free agent Jesse Davis. What do you think?

Luke Braun
So Jesse Davis seems to be the status quo starter right now. Wyatt Davis is currently the third team left guard, so you can kind of count him out, I think, until further notice. The real competition is Ed Ingram, the second round rookie. He is coming in and Jesse Davis is getting a lot of rest days, a lot of veteran rest days there, keeping his load short and whenever he is out, Ingram gets the first team reps and it's hard to know. I would say right now it's about a 50/50 between who's playing better, but I'd lean that Ingram is playing better. I think there's a real shot that Ingram ends up winning this job by the end of camp.

Luke Braun
All right. Good stuff, as always. Hey, that's Luke Brown with us. That concludes this edition. Until next time, I'm Neil Roberts.

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