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The Dakotan welcomes the opinions of our readers in the form of letters to the editor, as long as the submissions are not in bad taste and refrain from attacking individuals without supporting documentation or a rational and legally defensible justification.

We reserve the sole discretion to decide whether or not a submission will be published. If your letter is selected, we will only publish it once.

All letters to the editor must include complete name, address, and telephone number for verification purposes. No anonymous letters will be accepted.

We reserve the right to edit letters for the sake of grammar, spelling, and potentially libelous statements. This does not mean all letters are edited — most probably won’t be, but at The Dakotan, we reserve that right.

We currently have no word limit on letters we will publish. However, please bear in mind: the briefer the better. It takes more time and effort to write a good, brief letter than to write a long, rambling one. A focused, brief letter is more likely to attract and keep readers and is therefore more likely to get published.

Lastly, The Dakotan will not publish any political campaign endorsement letters.

Readers can contact by email at .

Citizen Calls Councilwoman Coward

Laments Lack of Action How do you spell coward? E-v-a-n-s.  Monday evening I was requested to attend the city council meeting at 5:30. Not having been in the new chambers, I went a little early. Carrie Evans and I arrived at the same time. We both saw the large number of people already in attendance. […]
by The Dakotan
June 12, 2023

OPINION: Support Highway 52 Four-lane 

Letter to the Editor  Important info for those too young to remember the building of the Interstate Highway System:  President Eisenhower, a retired army 5-star general knew the importance of a first-class road system (moving troops and equipment) when he came into office in January of 1953. One of his first goals was to build […]
by The Dakotan
March 29, 2023

Term Limits Should Remain as Is 

A record 46,000 North Dakotans signed petitions to have a term limits measure placed on the November 2022 general election ballot. The result – 150,363 voters approved it with a 63.43% vote, applying term limits to our legislature and governor. This included majorities in every single legislative district and every county in the state.  Sadly, ND […]
by The Dakotan
March 28, 2023

An Open Letter to The Forum’s (Fargo) Rob Port  

March 8, 2023   Dear Rob,   I’m writing this letter to clear up a number of inaccuracies that you’ve recently published in your columns in relation to myself and the District 2 Republicans. It’s terribly unfortunate that your integrity is so severely lacking that you apparently don’t even bother taking the time to try […]
by The Dakotan
March 9, 2023

Letter Supporting Term Limits 

Election Day November 8  A YES vote on Measure 1 will be good for North Dakota. It would apply an 8-year term limit to the ND Governor, and members of the State House and State Senate.  Term limits improve citizen access to the process, encourage more candidates to run, and increase voter participation in elections. They […]
by The Dakotan
November 4, 2022

ND Officials Oppose Term Limits 

Letter dated Oct. 5, 2022   North Dakotans will vote on a measure this fall to limit the governor and state legislators to two four-year terms. While some of us support term limits, others oppose. However, we unanimously agree that voters should reject this ill-conceived measure. Its overly restrictive design will result in worse not […]
by The Dakotan
October 7, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Term Limits on Ballot The North Dakota Supreme Court ruled term limits should be on the ballot. As Chair of the term limits Committee, I want the facts to be known. Unproven allegations of fraud were rejected by an unanimous 5-0 majority of the North Dakota Supreme Court. The highest court in our state – […]
by The Dakotan
September 15, 2022
In the Opinion of Michael Connelly

Time to Eliminate Property Tax

Dear editor, Here we are in the middle of a recession, with inflation higher than the 1980’s and Ward County and Minot are working to increase property tax.   Whenever these entities can’t balance their budgets, they raise property taxes. This is the most hated tax in history and is unfair, not all people are taxed the […]
by The Dakotan
August 3, 2022
In the Opinion of Michael Connelly

Disappointed With City Council

You will rarely ever see a letter like this from me as I understand the challenges of public service more than most, but I feel it important to address.    Monday night, Minot City Council as a whole really disappointed me and many others.  Specifically, the leadership.    Last month they called for interested parties to submit […]
by The Dakotan
July 20, 2022
In the Opinion of Michael Connelly

Critical Race Theory in ND Schools

This letter is to parents of school-age children.   Why should you spend your valuable energy, time, and resources keeping an eye on your children’s school curriculum and what is happening in your child’s classroom?    Parents are the customers of the school system.  You, the parents, are the ones who elect the school board, with the […]
by The Dakotan
June 30, 2022
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