Training Camp Today with Vikings insider Luke Braun of Locked On Vikings

Jonathan Starr
 August 22, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
It's a new three four scheme on defense for the Vikings this season, and with that, some new faces to help with that transition. Joining us is our Vikings insider, Luke Braun from Locked on Vikings. And Luke, former Bill Harrison Phillips is an offseason acquisition that has looked good as part of that defensive line, I guess, right?

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Luke Braun
Right, he makes up that beefier interior. You've got him, you have Dalvin Tomlinson and you've got a beefed up arm on Watts. But really, I think the headline has to be the got the Edge rushers, Danielle Hunter, Darius Smith. Because you have all that beef on the interior, those guys will be able to do what's called like a rover position where Za'darius Smith, what he did in Green Bay, he watched film, he picked out your worst lineman and he said, I'm going to be one on one with that guy all day. Got five sacks against the Vikings one day doing that. That's what he's doing for us now.

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Neil Roberts
Good stuff. Hey, we'll talk linebackers when we come back.

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Neil Roberts
The Vikings three four defense with Luke Ryan and linebackers is another big transition. Luke newcomer Jordan Hicks had a pick the other day on Cousins Guy out of Arizona. He's looked good.

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Luke Braun
Yeah, I think people might be understating the impact that somebody like Jordan Hicks and Eric Kendricks will have in this new defense. You have a really flat front. There's a lot of guys for the offense to block, and that means that you're not going to be able to get as many double teams. And if you don't have double teams, you don't have the ability for part of that double team to climb up to the linebackers.

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Neil Roberts
All right. Hey, there's a passion project that I know you're working on that you want to plug.

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Luke Braun
Yeah. I have been releasing a seven part documentary series about the history of the Vikings. Go all the way back to Max Winter and Norm Van Brocklin and Joe Kapp in the early Fran Tarkenton years and all that coming all the way up through today releases once per Saturday on patreon.com/LukeBraunNFL or zonecoverage.com. You can find it there.

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Neil Roberts
All right. Thanks, Luke. That puts a wrap on this report until next time. I'm Neil Roberts.

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