Training Camp Today with NDSU QB Coach Randy Hedberg

Jonathan Gardner
 August 12, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

Neil Roberts
He was selected number three overall by San Francisco out of NDSU in last year's draft. Trey Lance backup to Jimmy Garoppolo last season but has been named the starter now for the 49ers. And joining us now to talk about that is NDSU quarterbacks coach Randy Hedberg. And Randy, boy, this has to be an exciting time for Trey.

Randy Hedberg
A very exciting time for Trey. He's got an opportunity to be the starter with the 49ers, which is a good football team. And typically when you get picked third overall, you probably aren't very good as a football team, but they have a good football team, they're good on the defensive side of the ball and they're very good on the offensive line. And I think that's a good start for Trey to get into that situation.

Neil Roberts
All right. They will talk the season ahead when we come back.

Neil Roberts
We're with Bison quarterbacks coach Randy Hedberg talking Trey Lance. We talked before we went on that I was going to hit you with this one, but I had talk radio on last week and Colin Cowherd had mentioned that some quarterbacks he thought might boom or bust this year, and he said he didn't know how Trey Lance was going to make it with that throwing motion he has. What do you say to that?

Randy Hedberg
You know, everybody has a different motion. And I think you want to try to be short with your emotion. And that's what we worked with with Trey is trying to keep his motion short because I think it really lends to good accuracy. And some people might say he's a little long right now in his delivery. But I think the 49ers know what's best for Trey Lance right now and they're working with him and they got as good a coaches as anybody is, so they've got a good feel for it. I don't know if Colin Coward has ever coached quarterbacks, but that not I'm aware of. But but I think Brian Griese, has done a good job. He'll do a good job with Trey as a quarterback coach with 49ers.

Neil Roberts
Good stuff, Randy. Thanks for that. And hey, that brings this one to a close until next time. I'm Neil Roberts.

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