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Jonathan Starr

10 Years of Dakota Hope Clinic with Tim Knutson

Tim Knutson, Director of Development for Dakota Hope Clinic, joins the podcast to talk about the amazing things that have been accomplished over the past 10 years. Part of the conversations flows to the Festival of Trees that is taking place in Minot in November.
by Jonathan Starr
November 11, 2023

Learning to Lead in Business: The Story of Business Coach Ryan Botner

In this compelling podcast episode, we are joined by Ryan Botner, a remarkable individual with an extraordinary journey to share. He went from amassing great wealth, to grappling with addiction, and then rising from the ashes to rebuild his life. Today, he dedicates himself to helping businesses secure and retain top-quality employees through transformative leadership […]
by Jonathan Starr
November 4, 2023

A Family Entertainment Center in Minot 

Larry French Brown joins the podcast to talk about the Family Entertainment Center that he is planning for Minot. Masquerades Family Entertainment Center will bring roller skating, electric go-karts, and E-Sports to Minot in a very accessible way. Check out the project at masqueradesfec.com
by Jonathan Starr
October 7, 2023

City of Minot Budget Breakdown with Paul Pitner

Join us for an insightful conversation with Councilman Paul Pitner as we dive deep into the Minot City budget. Discover the key decisions shaping the city’s financial future, the challenges faced, and the exciting opportunities ahead. Gain a unique perspective on local governance and the fiscal outlook in Minot, North Dakota. Don’t miss this informative […]
by Jonathan Starr
September 27, 2023

Inside the City of Minot: Taxes, Flood Control, and The Hostfest

Join us for a deep dive into the critical issues shaping Minot’s future with Mayor Tom Ross. In this episode, we tackle topics like Flood Control/Protection, taxes and the budget, the Human Relations Ad-Hoc Committee, and more. Mayor Ross shares insights on how he envisions a more resilient Minot, responsible fiscal management, and promoting inclusivity […]
by Jonathan Starr
September 23, 2023

What is there to do in Minot, North Dakota?! Amy Allender Tells Us

Amy Allender is the featured guest on the Minot Matters podcast, where she delves into the array of attractions and activities in Minot and the broader North Dakota region. During the interview, Amy reflects on her relocation to Minot with her husband, a move prompted by his assignment in the Air Force. In a candid […]
by Jonathan Starr
September 16, 2023

Dr Mark Vollmer’s Resignation from Minot Public Schools

Dr Mark Vollmer comes on Minot Matters to chat about his career in public education. He talks about how he got into education and eventually started working at a school in North Dakota. From there, he was able to get a position in the Minot Public School District ascending to Superintendent. Throughout his career he […]
by Jonathan Starr
September 12, 2023

Latest Updates on the Minot HRC with Co-Chair Scott Burlingame

Scott Burlingame joins Minot Matters to talk about what happened at the August 29 Minot HRC Meeting. He recaps the discussion that happened prior to the agenda items and covers some of the intense items that were reviewed.
by Jonathan Starr
September 5, 2023

Great Opportunities for Local Artists

Justin Anderson explains how the Minot Area Council of the Arts has been helping create impact in the Minot community for over 50 years. He breaks down some of the big things that the MACA does every year to increase exposure for local artists while bringing some vibrant things to do in Minot.
by Jonathan Starr
September 2, 2023

Minot HRC Committee Member Provides Update

Mike Blessum, member of the Ad-Hoc Human Relations Committee for the City of Minot, provided an update of what happened at the August 15 meeting. At that time, the committee was not considered to be an Ad-Hoc committee and was, according to Blessum, operating outside of the legal limits of the city charter. All of […]
by Jonathan Starr
August 28, 2023

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