The Dakotan is a North Dakota media organization that provides high-quality local news and opinion.

We dig deep to present not just one side of the story or a partial picture; we bring you the whole picture. Often this involves telling untold and under-told stories that you won’t hear anywhere else.

The Dakotan brings locally sourced community reporting to a statewide online platform, giving a voice to the dozens of small towns in North Dakota.

We seek to fill the void that has been left by most current media organizations: the news relevant to the communities you live in and care about.

When you have accurate local information, you can more easily remain connected and involved in your communities, rather than feeling increasingly isolated and powerless.

The Dakotan seeks to the be the primary source for North Dakotans to find reliable information about their state and local elected officials and the policies they enact.

The essence of a free press, a right guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, involves a measure of holding elected officials accountable, rather than catering to those in high position.
The more information resides in the hands of the people, the more you can confidently exercise your legitimate power according to your Constitutional rights.

The Dakotan seeks to elevate the tone and quality of public discourse and positively influence current and future leaders of North Dakota.

Many media organizations have allowed and even fostered the downward trend of polarized social discourse into little more than internet shouting matches. While uncovering untold stories and holding elected officials accountable can indeed become controversial, we strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and transparency in our reporting.
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