Training Camp Today with Vikings RB, Alexander Mattison

Jonathan Starr
 August 29, 2022

And now it's time for training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
As far as next man up, he's one of the best in the league. The fourth year running back out of Boise State. Alexander Mattison joins us. And Alexander, you caught the ball in every game last year except for one COVID week and you started four of those. You really came in and it gave the Vikings what they needed during those weeks. And patience is a virtue, right? Just waiting for your time. Yeah.

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Alexander Mattison
You know, you just got to, like you said, have that next man up mentality and just understand, you know, that we're doing this as a team. And that's kind of the mindset I have growing in every game and just understand that when I get my opportunity to be ready, so excited for this year, we'll get out there and do it again.

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Neil Roberts
One of the stories got here recently against the 40 Niners in preseason. How'd it feel out there?

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Alexander Mattison
I feel good. Feel good to be back at home in front of the fans and touch the ball, get a couple of hits in and seeing all the guys just contribute and do their thing out there. You know, Ty had an amazing game. Go back and out there and can get out there. And so just watching everyone contribute and the running back room is just awesome to see everyone.

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Neil Roberts
We'll talk to the new staff when we come back.

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Neil Roberts
We're the Vikings running back. Alexander, Madison and Alexander, of course, a new coach, a new system. How's it all sinking in and how are the guys on offense taking all this in?

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Alexander Mattison
Yeah, it's going awesome. You know, we love it in the building. And just looking forward to see how this whole season unfolds as we continue to just look at and look forward to some of the different things that this offense is capable of doing, some of the plays that we have in store and just getting ready with all the personnel and all the weapons that we have on offense, it's just an exciting time to be a Viking.

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Neil Roberts
And you touched on that running back depth before. And man, I've been doing this stuff for like 20 years down here. I don't remember a running back room this deep. I don't think it's pretty cool to be a part of it. But yeah.

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Alexander Mattison
Definitely just, you know, at any time any one of us can go out there and make a big play, you know, of course. Dalvin leading the way and being the best back in the league, and then all of us following in his footsteps.

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Neil Roberts
As always, Alexander, thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. On behalf of Vikings fans and have a great 2022.

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Alexander Mattison
Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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Neil Roberts
All right, Alexander Mattison, everybody, that concludes this one, April each time. I'm Neil Roberts.

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