Training Camp Today with Vikings DT, T.Y. McGill

Jonathan Starr
 August 25, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
He's a seven year vet out of NC State of is making quite the impression here in the preseason for the Vikings T.Y. McGill and T.Y. for the second straight game and you're all over the place. Sacks standing goes up with the goal line. You have to be feeling good out there.

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T.Y. McGill
I am. I'm just trying to do everything I can to make the squad.

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Neil Roberts
And, you know, the grind. I mean, look at your bio undrafted out of college, seven years in the league now, and you've had to earn everything, including this year, and getting that opportunity again. It has to be rewarding, I guess, as well, right?

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T.Y. McGill
Yes, sir, it is. I mean, I just stand on my work, man. I just work hard, take care of my body, and the rest is what it is.

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Neil Roberts
All right. Hey, we'll talk 20, 22 when we come back.

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Neil Roberts
We're with T.Y. McGill Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle and why. How about your goals for 2022.

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T.Y. McGill
Just ball man and hopefully make the squad. If not this one as 31 others that will be able to watch the film and just go from there.

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Neil Roberts
That's a good point you're putting on tape every week, right?

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T.Y. McGill
Yes, sir. That's the plan. That's where I feel like, you know, these preseason games are important for younger guys and guys like myself.

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Neil Roberts
One more crack against Denver coming up this week. What are your thoughts going into that game?

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T.Y. McGill
Do my job and make whatever plays come to me.

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Neil Roberts
How about some of the vets on the team along with yourself? What are you picking up from other guys in camp? Along with the younger guys? It seems like there's a lot of good energy out there.

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T.Y. McGill
Yeah, I mean, shoot, man, carryover is building this thing the right way. Just all family, man. Like I said, are they just kind of like Vikings up and Vikings, Vikings support and Vikings. So there's no information being not used. Nobody's hiding any information, especially in our position. We share a lot of information in terms of how to play around, how to get to the quarterback. So. Yeah.

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Neil Roberts
Awesome T.Y.. Hey, thanks for your time. Really appreciate it. I have a great 2022 T.Y. McGill, everybody. Hey, that concludes this one. Until next time, I'm Neil Roberts.

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