Training Camp Today - encore with NDSU's Associate Head Coach and Quarterbacks Coach, Randy Hedberg

Jonathan Gardner
 September 2, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
It's his third NFL team in three years. Five time national and NDSU champion quarterback Carson Wentz is now in Washington for a new training camp and quarterbacks coach from NDSU, Randy Hedberg joins us. And Randy, the third system in three years, that has to be a lot to take in.

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Randy Hedberg
Well, yeah, it's a change in terminology. And talked to Carson a while back and he's still learning all that terminology because it's quite different. You go from team to team and all. I think he'll be a good fit in Washington. I think he really likes Ron Rivera, the head coach. And it'll be a challenge for him because it's, like you said, third team in three years and he's got some stuff to prove to the league and obviously to the commander's football team also.

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Neil Roberts
Last year, reunited with Frank Drake, looked like the perfect match and started off great, but they just sputtered down the end there. So how do you explain something like that often seems to be rolling and all of a sudden they just they start to sputter.

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Randy Hedberg
Well, I think the biggest thing was the loss to the glue of the Jaguars at the end of the season, which really kind of kept them out of the playoffs. But I think Frank Reich and the general manager wanted Carson.

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Randy Hedberg
I'm not certain. I think the owner stepped in there and there was some controversy there. But I don't know all the details. But I think Carson's in a good spot now with Washington, and it's a fresh start and a new beginning.

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Neil Roberts
Talk 2022 when we come back.

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Neil Roberts
We're with Bison quarterback coach Randy Hedberg. And what do you think Carson needs to do to get back into that Carson Wentz form we're used to.

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Randy Hedberg
I think the thing with Carson, if he can make the plays that are out there for him and not try to create too many big plays, and if he can just play within their scheme, I think he'll be fine quarterbacks. Not necessarily Carson, but quarterbacks get in a jam because they try to make too many plays and they force a ball here or there. And I think that's the biggest thing from a quarterback standpoint that he can improve on.

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Neil Roberts
All right. Thanks, Randy. Hey, that's Randy Hedberg, everybody, that concludes this edition. Until next time, I'm Neil Roberts.

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