Published October 30, 2023

Murder Case Delayed 

Written by
Kim Fundingsland
| The Dakotan
Casey Vollmer (Photo: submitted)
Casey Vollmer (Photo: submitted)

Judge Orders Medication 

MINOT – Casey Vollmer, 34, Minot, has been ordered to take medication before the court goes forward with prosecution of a AA felony murder charge. 

“It’s my observation that Mr. Vollmer has constant tremors just sitting there,” said Judge Gary Lee during a status conference in North-Central District Court. 

Vollmer was noticeably shaking, including involuntary leg movement, while seated in the courtroom for the hearing. Vollmer had previously been evaluated at the North Dakota State Hospital in Jamestown where he was ruled fit to proceed to trial. However, side effects to medication taken by Vollmer are considered responsible for his trembling.  

A doctor who testified at the hearing said medication to alleviate Vollmer’s involuntary movements was not being taken and would have no bearing on the defendant’s mental health. Judge Lee ordered that Vollmer take the medication before determining Vollmer’s fitness to proceed to trial. 

Vollmer is charged in the beating death of another at a Minot hotel in February of this year. No date has been set for further court action in the case. 

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