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NDHP Patrol Car Struck 

 I-29 MM 79 – Argusville   On Thursday, January 26th, 2023, at approximately 7:00 pm, a ND Highway Patrol vehicle was struck northbound on I-29 MM 79, near Argusville.  The NDHP Trooper had responded to a four-vehicle crash at this location and the patrol vehicle was parked with its emergency lights…
January 27, 2023

Cigar Lounges Pass North Dakota House  

Receives Majority Approval  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – The North Dakota State House passed a bill that would allow businesses to have cigar bars and lounges.  A cigar bar, a place where people go to smoke cigars, is defined in the bill as a bar that generates two percent or more of…
January 26, 2023

Minot State Welcomes New Head Football Coach 

Ian Shields Named to Lead Beavers  MINOT – The Beavers have their man.    Minot State’s Director of Athletics Kevin Forde is pleased to introduce veteran college coach Ian Shields as the next head coach for the Beaver football program.    Shields, a former head coach at the NCAA Division…
January 25, 2023

House Defeats Senior Tax Relief 

North Dakota Property Tax Debate  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – The North Dakota State House defeated a bill Tuesday that would exempt those 65 years old and older from paying property tax.  House Bill 1380, which would eliminate property tax for homeowners 65 years old and older, failed in the House by…
January 25, 2023

North Dakota Hearings on Vaccine Bills 

Lengthy Committee Debate  BISMARCK – The North Dakota House and Human Services committee heard much testimony Monday on bills relating to vaccine transparency and mandates.  House Bill 1207 would require the Department of Health and Human Services to publish vaccine adverse events on its website.  The sponsor of the bill,…
January 24, 2023

Hot Topic: Deer Baiting Bill 

Hundreds Testify Pro and Con  BISMARCK – House Bill 1151 is perhaps the most talked about bill at this year’s session of the North Dakota State Legislature. It also may be shortest.  HB 1151 – Baiting deer for hunting not prohibited.  The department may not issue rules or adopt a…
January 24, 2023

Names Released in Velva Double Fatal 

North Dakota Highway Patrol  What: Two-person fatality crash   Where: Highway 52 near mile marker 115, Approx. 1 mile north of Velva, ND   When: January 22nd, 2023, at approximately 4:25 pm CST   Road Conditions: Dry   Weather Conditions: Clear   Crash Involvement: Vehicle vs. Vehicle   Type of…
January 23, 2023

House Passes Thanksgiving Alcohol Sales 

Narrow Vote in North Dakota Capitol  BISMARCK – North Dakota citizens might be allowed to buy and sell alcohol on Thanksgiving Day after the narrow House vote Friday.   Though on-premise sales are currently allowed, House Bill 1335 would change the North Dakota Century Code to allow off-sale transactions of alcohol.…
January 23, 2023

Working in the Place He Loves 

Minot’s Public Works Director  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   MINOT – Public works is not an easy job, but Minot’s director has it down after 16 years of working in that department.  Dan Jonasson, originally from Milton in northeast North Dakota, has lived in Minot since September of 2006, when he was first employed…
January 22, 2023

Fear of Falling Trains 

A Slice of Life  This isn’t easy to write about, but here it is. I have a fear of falling trains. Stay with me now.  In my attempt to explain why, there is a bit of history that must be recalled, at least vaguely. It involves a landmark of sorts…
January 22, 2023
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