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Closet Offender Sentenced 

Pled Guilty to Felony Charges  MINOT – When police notified a Minot mother that Cale Schalesky, 24, Hettinger, had been released from jail she responded by saying she already knew because Schalesky was in her daughter’s closet that morning.  Schalesky was apprehended on a charge of Gross Sexual Imposition-Sexual Contact-Victim Under 15, and Possession of […]
by Kim Fundingsland
December 5, 2023

Much More than a Game 

A Slice of Life  The scoreboard above the end of the rink reads 2-0 in the first period. A young player is called for cross-checking, a two-minute penalty, and shows his disgust by pounding on the plexiglass before stepping into the penalty box and slamming the door.   The angry display doesn’t go unnoticed by the […]
by Kim Fundingsland
December 3, 2023

Verdict is Guilty 

Life Sentence Possible  MINOT – A Makoti man is facing a life sentence in the State Penitentiary without the possibility of parole following a verdict reached by a 12-person jury in North-Central District Court Thursday.  Nathaniel Sanchez, 37, listened to the reading of a guilty verdict on the AA felony charge of Continuous Sexual Abuse […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 30, 2023

Family Testimony 

Accused Faces Life in Prison  The first full day of testimony in the trial of Nathaniel Sanchez, 37, Makoti, charged with Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, included former family members on the witness stand. The charge against Sanchez is a AA felony punishable by life in prison.  The State alleges that Sanchez began sexually […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 28, 2023

Our Wildlife Refuges

A Slice of Life Minot is situated within a short drive of several National Wildlife Refuges, each with their own diversity of habitat. They are managed for wildlife and for compatible public use. Upper Souris NWR has public use areas for shore fishing, maintains boat ramps for open water fishing on Lake Darling, allows for […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 26, 2023

Game and Fish Responds to Public

Advisory Board Meeting in Bismarck BISMARCK – Issues involving the state’s deer herd were among the topics discussed at a Game and Fish Advisory Board meeting held here Tuesday. Each year Game and Fish holds a series of eight Advisory Board meetings across the state each spring and fall to receive input from the public. […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 22, 2023

Man’s Best Friend 

A Slice of Life   I write about dogs a lot, but never enough. They deserve more.  No matter what I write about dogs it always seems inadequate, yet here I go again. Dog owners will understand. Dogs do not read. At least I don’t think they do, at least not the written word.  Depending on […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 19, 2023

Possible Dismissal in Knutson Murder Case 

Judge to Rule on Request  MINOT – No decision was immediately made at a Motion to Dismiss hearing in the long-running Anita Knutson murder case. The hearing was held Friday morning in front of North-Central District Court Judge Richard Hagar. Knutson was murdered in June of 2007, but it wasn’t until March of 2022 that […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 17, 2023

Favorable Winter Forecast Improves 

Mild Winter Likely  Persistent El Nino conditions carry the prospect of a rather mild winter for North Dakota through February and beyond.  El Nino is a warming of Pacific Ocean waters that influences winter weather. Forecasters say no two El Ninos are the same, but current outlooks are encouraging news for those wary of a […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 16, 2023

A Fatal Scam 

Death by Poisoning  MINOT – A man is dead. His longtime girlfriend is charged with murder. A $30 million inheritance scam is believed to be the reason.  Ina Kenoyer, 47, Minot, was arrested October 31 for a AA felony charge of Murder-Intentional, Knowing, or with Extreme Indifference, for the September 4 death of Steven Riley […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 14, 2023
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