A Snowman in Sunshine  

Written by
Kim Fundingsland
| The Dakotan
Covering up from the very sun I traveled many miles to enjoy. (Photo: submitted)
Covering up from the very sun I traveled many miles to enjoy. (Photo: submitted)

A Slice of Life 


KEY LARGO, FLORIDA -- I’ll admit it’s a goofy concept, at least that’s one perfectly acceptable way of looking at it. I’m talking about a North Dakotan going to the Sunshine State and completely covering up in opposition to it. 

Yup. Goofy.  

Wait now. If a fair-skinned Norwegian from North Dakota doesn’t cover up in the Florida sun the result will be a blistered, red mess of a person. That’s a proven fact. I know. Sad fact is, I’ve already proved it. 

There’s a few other things a displaced North Dakotan will find in Florida too, like chickens running around a grocery store parking lot. True. The photograph below proves it. There’s some very non-North Dakota-like about chickens and iguanas sharing the same space too. Goofy, but oddly wonderful and entertaining. Very Florida-like. 

Chickens roaming freely in a grocery store parking lot. (Photo: Kim Fundingsland/The Dakotan) 

My trips to Florida center around my passion for fishing. I’m blessed with friend who has a home in the Keys and is a lifelong dedicated fisherman who, somehow, endures my company. He refers to me as “The Legend,” a well-deserved title, revered even. Others hold my lofty title in high regard. That is, until it becomes clear my legendary feats with a fishing rod come more frequently from the wrong side of the spectrum of success. 

The sun is at my back as we venture forth for another day of fishing the famed Florida flats. (Photo: Kim Fundingsland/The Dakotan) 

In my defense, I must point out that I have learned while fishing with good friends that it is but a few “minor” miscues that are remembered rather than my numerous sparkling achievements. Despite promises of “what happens in the boat, stays in the boat,” tales less than flattering of my prowess are carelessly passed along to children and grandchildren without stint or measure.

The author with a “legendary” barracuda. (Photo: submitted) 

Do not worry, dear reader, for no lasting hurt is inflicted. All is in fun. I think anyway. At least I no longer get sunburned. 

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