Published May 23, 2024

Reimagining Design and Artistry at D'Youville University with Zachary Pascarella and Brian McNamara

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In the vibrant heart of Buffalo, NY, a design revolution unfolds at D'Youville University, spearheaded by Zachary Pascarella of Wise Owl Concepts and closely coordinated with Brian McNamara, the schools project coordinator. With projects collectively starting back in 2020—and set to continue for years to come—this dynamic duo is transforming campus spaces into models of modern art and functionality.

At the center of these transformations is Container Park. This project, a brainchild of their collaboration, features a repurposed shipping container that has been ingeniously converted into a multi-functional space. It boasts a custom rooftop deck and a bespoke helix staircase, nestled between two preserved pine trees; an idea that was fostered from McNamara's desire to preserve the space's natural greenery. This innovative design not only invites community engagement but also celebrates the spirit of Buffalo—a testament to McNamara's visionary planning and Pascarella's executional prowess.

Another highlight is the Vital Pharmacy, showcasing McNamara's concept brought to life through Pascarella's skilled craftsmanship. By integrating natural materials sourced directly from Costa Rica, they have transformed a simple pharmacy into a sanctuary of wellness, where design meets health in a serene environment.

The Minerva Room and Think Differently projects further showcase their ability to merge creativity with utility. Here, McNamara's innovative space planning combined with Pascarella's custom furniture and art installations foster environments ripe for dialogue and discovery.

The duo's commitment to inclusivity shines in the Esports Gaming Lounge and the Cultural Enrichment Center. Pascarella’s 'Harmony in Diversity' installation, with its vivid portrayal of community through hand-painted, crinkled aluminum faces, perfectly complements McNamara's dedication to creating spaces that reflect D'Youville’s core values.

The Athletic Building features 'Saint Mosaic', a grand wall installation that synthesizes over 1,200 wooden blocks into a stunning visual narrative, centered around the iconic Saint Bernard dog head. This piece, a blend of McNamara's thematic vision and Pascarella's meticulous execution, serves as a focal point for school spirit and artistic expression.

Their collaborative efforts extend to even the smallest details, such as the custom dog beds for the school's mascots and artistically designed gallery spaces that narrate the school's rich history and promising future.

Looking ahead, McNamara and Pascarella are set to embark on ambitious projects including a large-scale campus sculpture, a bell tower with Cinderella-style staircases, and a significant art installation in the medical building. Each project is a testament to their combined skills in design, logistics, and creative execution.

Through their partnership, Zachary Pascarella and Brian McNamara are not just enhancing spaces; they are crafting legacies that intertwine art, functionality, and community engagement at D'Youville University. Together, they continue to set new standards in the industry, redefining how collaborative design can create enduring impacts on both local and educational landscapes.

Discover  more  about  Wise  Owl  Concepts  and  Pascarella's  portfolio at www.wiseowlconcepts.com.

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