Published June 11, 2024

Minot ND 2024 Primary Day Exit Polls

Written by
K.L. Collom
| The Dakotan

Minot, ND - June 11, 2024, is Primary day in North Dakota, and we at the Dakotan were out on the ground collecting data from some 50 residents. Polling was conducted at 3 separate locations between 9:30AM and 1:00PM. We selected 6 contentious races in the city of Minot, including City Council, School Board, Park Board, and District 38 House, along with the race for U.S. House and ND Governor. 

The City Council includes 7 candidates vying for 3 open seats. They include incumbents Scott Burlingame and Stephen Podrygula, along with the 5 newcomers Mike Blessum, Rob Fuller, Scott Samuelson, Leif Snyder, and Mike Geitzen. Our unofficial data currently has Blessum in the lead 21%, followed by Fuller and Samuelson at 16%, Gietzen at 14%, Snyder at 12%, Burlingame at 10%, and Podrygula at 9%.  

Minot School Board also includes 7 candidates vying for 3 seats. It is currently polling the following: Bill Irmen 18%, Michael, Gessner, Scott Louser, and John Carey all at 15%, Lacey Laudenschlager at 13%, and KayLee Bourquin and Darrik Trudell at 11%. 

The Minot Park Board currently has 3 candidates vying for 2 open seats. Chelsea Kirkhammer is currently leading at 35%, Deven Mantz is in second with 33%, and Cliff Hovda is currently sitting in third at 30% in what is shaping up to be a very tight race. 

District 38’s House election is also up for grabs featuring 3 candidates fighting over 2 seats respectively. Our polling data shows Christina Wolff currently leading with 44%, Dan Ruby in second at 31%, and Lisa Olson a close third at 24%. 

This brings us to our larger statewide elections, the first being the race for Governor. We polled residents on 3 candidates from the 2 parties. Congressman Kelly Armstrong currently holds a lead over Lt. Governor Tammy Miller 61% to 23%, with Democrat Merrill Piepkorn coming in with the remaining 14%. 

Finally, the U.S. House race. Our Polls contained 5 options, with other being in place of candidates Alex Balasz (the state GOP endorsed candidate), Sharlet Mohr, and frequent Democrat candidate Roland Reimers. Currently we have Rick Becker in the lead with 39%, Julie Fedorchak in second with 28%, Democrat Trygvee Hammer in third at 17%, Cara Mund comes in fourth with 13%, and the other three currently poll at a total of 2%.  

For live results as they come in tonight, watch us here: https://www.youtube.com/live/2o60b0Es1xE?si=sRjLK-kPUWICt9F- 

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