Published December 16, 2021

Minot Man Serving on Multiple Boards 

Written by
Jasahd Stewart
| The Dakotan
MPS School Board Meeting Nov. 18 in Minot
MPS School Board Meeting Nov. 18 in Minot

MINOT–Last week, The Dakotan released an article on the newly elected chairman, Jim Rostad, on the board of County Commissioners [link here].  

Rostad happens to simultaneously be chairman on the school board for Minot Public Schools (MPS) also.  

When asked if he thought this might involve too much power being vested in one individual at the local level, he stated that he is aware of those concerns as well as his own limitations. Rostad explained that the people can contact him, and they have the power to vote him off from either board if they feel he is failing at his duties or abusing the powers vested in these offices. 

He further added that he does not see any conflict of interest between the two offices he holds. However, should any arise, he would be willing to resolve it or step down if the people voted another to take his place. 

“I would not be able to serve on the [MPS] School Board and the County Commissioners if it weren’t for me being retired.” Jim Rostad

In regard to the potential for these two roles involving too great a workload for one individual, he explained, “I would not be able to serve on the [MPS] School Board and the County Commissioners if it weren’t for me being retired.”  

In addition to Rostad’s 5 years of serving on the board of County Commissioners, he has more than 20 years of experience on the MPS School Board and says he looks forward to serving the people in his community at the capacity he has committed to. 

“I have been chairman of several organizations over the years, so the duties are not new or shocking to me. And I’ve been VC [Vice Chairman for the County Commissioners] last year and a few years before…I’ve been here for 5 years so I’ve got a pretty good handle for what goes on in the county and feel I am prepared for it,” explained Rostad, shortly after being elected as chairman for the board of County Commissioners. 

Commissioner John Fjeldahl, former chairman the past 2 years with nearly 16 years of experience on the board, thanked Rostad for his willingness to serve as the new chairman this next annual term. 

In looking at the list of past chairmen and vice chairmen on the board of County Commissioners, newly elected VC Pietsch noted that it is typical to elect new people for these positions annually, so their roles can be shared among the members. He further added that the benefits of this, “helps each member become more familiar with the role and functions of the chairman.” 

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