Training Camp Today with Vikings LB, Chazz Surratt

Jonathan Gardner
 August 23, 2022

And now it's time for training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
He's in his second year as a Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chazz Surratt joins us. And Chazz you were drafted last year out of North Carolina, came in, didn't see a lot of the field last year but really getting a chance to hit it now this preseason of the Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
How's it feel in all three for you?

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Chazz Surratt
Feels good. I'm excited to go out there and compete with the guys on defense and just excited to go out there, make plays and this new staff and just be playing football.

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Neil Roberts
Awesome. Now I know you're a converted quarterback, so eyes on the field, seeing it on the other side of the ball as you've matured as a linebacker, put up some big numbers at North Carolina's a linebacker. Tell us about that transition and maybe if that helped you as far as a realization of what you see on the field?

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Chazz Surratt
Yeah, when I was in college moving to linebacker from playing quarterback, I kind of helped me see the game a little different, you know, just from the offense, started playing it for so long and picking up the defensive schemes we had at Carolina. So yeah, I think it definitely helped me in college.

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Neil Roberts
More of the Chazz Surratt when we go back.

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Neil Roberts
Where the Vikings linebacker Jets are out in Chazz, say one more preseason game against the Broncos and another chance to show what you can do out there. What are your goals over the rest of the preseason?

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Chazz Surratt
Continue to get better every day. Work on my eyes, working my footwork. Just go out there and make plays and compete and have fun and have a good time playing the game.

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Neil Roberts
What do you pick up from vets like Eric Kendricks in camp and watching those guys on film and in front of you day?

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Chazz Surratt
Those guys have been playing for a long time at a high level, so learning every day from him and he's been a great resource for me as well as Jordan Hicks. They've been great guys to look up to and you know how to play the game. So continue to pick their brain about, you know, what they see at the position on the sideline and in practice. And that can only help elevate my game.

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Neil Roberts
All right, Chazz thanks for your time. Really appreciate you and have a great 2022.

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Chazz Surratt
All right.

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Neil Roberts
Thank you. All right, Chazz Surratt everybody. Hey, that concludes this edition. If you missed one, check us on the website training camp Today.com. I'm Neil Roberts.

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