Training Camp Today with Vikings CB, Akaylib Evans

Jonathan Gardner
 August 25, 2022

And now it's time for a training camp today with Neil Roberts and the Minnesota Vikings.

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Neil Roberts
Use a fourth round pick for the Vikings out of the University of Missouri and has made quite the impression, especially Saturday night, against the 49 ers. Caleb Evans joins us. And Caleb, quite the game. You're all over the place playing physical force, the fumble. How'd you feel out there?

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Akaylib Evans
I felt great. I felt the energy from the whole team. We were all on the same page attacking the ball. I didn't end up the way we wanted it to, but we definitely brought the energy.

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Neil Roberts
Have you battled some injuries at Old College? But you've seen healthy and on a springboard here in camp so far. How are you feeling?

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Akaylib Evans
I feel great. I mean, a pro is being able to stay healthy, so I just really focused on it.

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Neil Roberts
We'll talk to you guys speak when we come back.

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Neil Roberts
With Vikings rookie quarterback Akaylib Evans. Like Akaylib I follow you on Twitter. You're a really good follow. I know you've been anticipating that Skol chant at U.S. Bank Stadium. Got to hear it Saturday night. What'd you think?

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Akaylib Evans
It was great. It was great. As soon as it was going on, I was like, okay, my diaries were out. I was like, really excited to see all the fans in the stands. I love everything I expect.

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Neil Roberts
It's got to be a fun preseason for you to play in. Patrick Peterson and guys like that in camp. What do you pick it up from some of the vets?

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Akaylib Evans
Just some different techniques. Some things that I didn't learn in college per se, because it's a different level, so you have to approach the game. That's been the biggest thing that I've learned from the vets.

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Neil Roberts
That's one thing you could pick from that. I guess to me, something picked up from Peterson that you didn't pick up in college or he has taught you along the way.

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Akaylib Evans
Yeah, just had a couple of vertical routes. He really showed me how to cut routes off. You use my body to avoid holding calls. It's been a huge help him just teaching me.

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Neil Roberts
That's the one more game left here. Preseason. Want to finish strong? What are your goals from here on out into the season?

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Akaylib Evans
Just do what I'm asked of and plus that, of course, I'm my own goals down the road. But the main thing is making sure that the team go with me at first. So just attacking every play, trying to get every win possible. And I think we're going to be great if we do that.

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Neil Roberts
Thanks for your time. But Akaylib. Hey, best of 2022. Good luck.

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Akaylib Evans
Thank you. Appreciate it.

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Neil Roberts
Akaylib Evans with us, everybody here that concludes this one time of the year.

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