Published March 5, 2024

Trump Wins ND Caucus

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The Dakotan
| The Dakotan

ND Republican Party release

Sandi Sanford, Chairwoman of the North Dakota Republican Party, announced the results of the North Dakota Republican Presidential Caucus late Monday evening.

Vote results of the caucus are: Donald Trump with 84% (29 delegates)

1,933 turned out for the caucus, which the Republican Party had been featuring for many weeks. Eight candidates qualified for the ballot initially including North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum. Burgum eventually suspended his race and endorsed Trump shortly thereafter.

Former President Trump was expected to win North Dakota, which was one of the highest Trump-voting states in the 2020 election. Sanford applauded North Dakota citizens who came out to participate in the caucus, saying “North Dakotans truly believe in our founding principles and the expectation that we, the people, must participate in our government for it to serve them,” said Sanford. “I’m heartened by the people engaging in the Caucus so strongly,” she said.

Former President Trump continued strong support in North Dakota capturing all 29 delegates under the party rules. Trump garnered 84%, more than enough to capture all North Dakota delegates.

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