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Minot ND 2024 Primary Day Exit Polls

Minot, ND - June 11, 2024, is Primary day in North Dakota, and we at the Dakotan were out on the ground collecting data from some 50 residents. Polling was conducted at 3 separate locations between 9:30AM and 1:00PM. We selected 6 contentious races in the city of Minot, including City Council, School Board, Park […]
by K.L. Collom
June 11, 2024

Early Morning Crash Disrupts Minot

How was your Saturday night? Did you go to the lake? Stay in? Or you could have gone to the Straight Up and Toasted event downtown maybe? Well, if you live on 16th street Southwest near the water treatment plant (You know, right where there's that curve where no one does the speed limit at?) […]
by K.L. Collom
May 19, 2024

NDGOP governor candidates Armstrong, Miller report comparable primary war chests

BY: MICHAEL ACHTERLING (North Dakota Monitor) North Dakota Republican-endorsed governor candidate Rep. Kelly Armstrong reported four times the number of large-dollar donors as his Republican competitor Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller in their quests to become the state’s next governor. The candidates’ pre-primary campaign financial disclosures with the Secretary of State’s Office also showed each candidate […]
by The Dakotan
May 18, 2024

House Republicans Reportedly Plan Pushback Against Biden’s Pause On Israel Arms Transfer

By JASON COHEN (Daily Caller News Foundation) The GOP-led House is gearing up for a comprehensive push to counter President Joe Biden’s halt on weapon transfers to Israel in its war against terrorist group Hamas, Axios reported on Saturday. The Biden administration delayed sending military equipment to Israel after warning the U.S. ally to curtail its military operations against […]
by The Dakotan
May 11, 2024

US Is Failing To Counter Threat Of Chinese Land Ownership, Report Finds

By JASON HOPKINS (Daily Caller News Foundation) The United States government is not appropriately addressing the threat posed by growing Chinese ownership of American land, according to a report released by the Heritage Foundation Thursday. The federal government is woefully ill-equipped to track Chinese-owned real estate in the country, despite the serious threat these Chinese […]
by The Dakotan
May 10, 2024

Recap: Minot Budget Tour Comes to an End

This article has been update on May 10 at 5:26 Minot City Council met Wednesday in a “Special Meeting” to wrap up this week's budget tours where proposed budgets for 2025 were brought before the Council. Along with the various departments that presented at city hall, the Council traveled throughout the city touring multiple municipalities […]
by K.L. Collom
May 9, 2024

Minot City Council approves Renaissance Zone Dev Plan Updates

Minot City Council met Monday evening at city hall to discuss recent city developments. This included a public hearing on the Renaissance Zone Development plan, voting on their consent agenda, a presentation on the upcoming 16th st construction project, a vote on automatic door requirements for businesses receiving MAGIC funds, along with a public forum […]
by K.L. Collom
May 7, 2024

Trump Campaign, RNC File Lawsuit In Battleground State To Stop Counting Ballots Past Election Day

By MARY LOU MASTERS (Daily Caller News Foundation) Former President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Nevada Secretary of State for allowing mail-in ballots to be counted after election day. Nevada currently permits such ballots to be counted that are received up to four days […]
by The Dakotan
May 4, 2024

Biden Admin Locks In Regulations Targeting Appliance Owned By ‘Almost Every US Household’

The Department of Energy (DOE) finalized regulations Tuesday for a popular appliance that will push the market toward adopting heat pump technology. The DOE’s final energy efficiency regulations for water heaters will apply to common electrical water heaters and significantly increase the share of those models that use heat pumps, according to the agency. The DOE has spearheaded […]
by The Dakotan
April 30, 2024

RFK Jr. Is Poised To Tilt The Presidential Race — But It’s Still Not Clear To Whom

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to influence the outcome of the 2024 rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, but it’s still not evident from whom he will pull more support. Since Kennedy switched his party affiliation from Democrat to independent in October, polling has largely suggested he’s more of a […]
by The Dakotan
April 28, 2024
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