Published June 14, 2023

Talkin’ Trash -- Recycling Coming Soon 

Written by
Kim Fundingsland
| The Dakotan
(Photo: submitted)
(Photo: submitted)

Collection to Begin in July  

MINOT – Recycling trash will soon be available to City of Minot residents. 

“The first curbside pick-up is on July 17th,” said Christina Wolf, recycling coordinator. “The company that makes our containers also delivers them, so they set the time frame. Recycling is bi-weekly, once every other week along with other garbage pick-up.” 

The city will be delivering the blue-topped recycling carts to residences as they become available. Items that can be recycled includes plastics, aluminum, paper, cardboard, and both steel and tin cans. 

“You just put it in the cart. Shampoo bottles, yogurt containers, ketchup bottles, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, pizza boxes as long as they are not deeply soiled,” said Wolf. “We’ll take aluminum cans, tin cans, steel cans if there are still any out there. You can put pots and pans in the carts as well.” 

(Photo: submitted)

What is not allowed in the recycling carts is batteries or hazardous waste, clothing, Styrofoam, plastic bags, or glass. Contents of the recycling carts will be taken to the City of Minot landfill. 

“Then we sort through it, pack it up in our trailer, and it will be trucked over to a Shakopee, Minnesota facility,” explained Wolf. 

The cost of the program is $2.50 per month for each customer. Recycling collection will be on the following days. 

For Monday/Thursday collection: 

Week 1: Monday – Recycling. Thursday – Garbage. 

Week 2: Monday – Garbage.    Thursday – Garbage 

For Tuesday/Friday collection: 

Week 1: Tuesday – Recycling.  Friday – Garbage. 

Week 2: Tuesday – Garbage.     Friday – Garbage. 

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