Published January 17, 2024

Downtown Parking Garage Changes 

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Kim Fundingsland
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An artist concept of a completed project proposed for Minot's Central Avenue parking garage. (Photo: submitted)
An artist concept of a completed project proposed for Minot's Central Avenue parking garage. (Photo: submitted)

Council Approves Apartments, Transit Center 

MINOT – The downtown parking garages will be undergoing some significant changes.  

The Renaissance parking garage adjacent to City Hall and the Central ramp along Central Avenue, described by City Manager Harold Stewart as having a “checkered past” due to lengthy legal problems with initial contracts and other issues, dominated discussion at a City Council meeting Tuesday evening. 

Harold Stewart (Photo: submitted)

Edgewood Real Estate Investment Trust presented their proposal to the council for construction of a five-story addition atop the Central Avenue ramp. The facility would include 142 apartments on the first four floors and condominiums on the upper floor. Developers estimated the cost at $30-35 million. 

Following discussion that included the City obtaining its own cost/benefit analysis, a motion to accept the proposal received unanimous approval from Council. Other considerations included the possible sale of the Central parking garage at a later date. 

The council, by a 5-1 vote, approved moving the city’s Transit Center from the City Auditorium to the Renaissance parking garage adjacent located on the west side of City Hall.  

The auditorium has acted as the “hub” for the city’s five bus fleet since 2015. The city has been seeking an alternative location, partly to avoid conflicts with other auditorium activities and provide a waiting room for bus passengers. 

Several alternative sites, most requiring significant construction costs, were identified by the city. After consideration, the Renaissance garage location was chosen. It proved to be the least costly and can be in operation is as few as six months. 

It was also noted during discussion that placing the Minot Police Department on top of the garage was an option to be explored. The PD has been seeking to significantly renovate the old City Hall to meet their needs for additional space. 

Human Relations Committee 

The council passed on second reading to approve the dissolution of the Human Resources Committee.  

Alderman Steven Podrygula voiced his disappointment in the action, saying, “I grew up in a very diverse culture, not in Minot, and that has made me a better person. Other people apparently haven’t had that opportunity.” 

Airport Troubles 

Minot International Airport Director Jennifer Eckman appeared before the Council to update them on recent delays and operational problems at the airport. Several flights were delayed last weekend due to challenges with de-icing equipment during extremely cold weather. 

Eckman added that there were “mechanical issues with our fuel station” which also caused some operational problems. 

“The fuel pump is inoperable at the time,” said Eckman. “Minot to Bismarck to refuel is what the airlines have been doing the last two days. The fuel pump went out Sunday.”  

Liquor License Moved 

Aldermen approved the moving of a liquor license for 28 Tastes and Taps. Most recently located in far southwest Minot, the business is relocating into the old train depot downtown. A February 1 opening is planned. 

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