Published June 3, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Written by
Mike Blessum
| The Dakotan
In the opinion of Mike Blessum
In the opinion of Mike Blessum

Foiling the Governor’s Plan

Governor Doug Burgum is working to defeat conservative legislators whom he considers enemies of his administration through immense contributions to attack PACs - about $4 million since 2020! There are those that believe he is violating Article V, Section 10 of the ND Constitution:

A governor … who gives or offers, or promises the governor's official influence in consideration on any particular side of any question or matter upon which the member may be required to act in the member's official capacity … upon conviction thereof forfeits all right to hold or exercise any office of trust or honor in this state.

These legal questions would need to be decided in court. Most North Dakotans would believe that this level of interference in the election of the peoples’ representatives is an affront to the separation of powers.  If the governor can buy legislative seats to move his agenda forward, he essentially becomes king of North Dakota.

The residents of North Dakota should fight back.  The candidates he intends to defeat are among the conservatives listed below.  I urge you to consider backing these candidates with your vote and in conversations with friends and family.  We can send a message to the governor that he isn’t the king.

District 3 - Bob Paulson, Jeff Hoverson, Lori VanWinkle
District 7 - Matthew Heilman
District 8 - Jeff Magrum, Brandon Prichard, SuAnn Olson
District 9A - Brenda Malo
District 9B - Donna Henderson
District 15 - Judy Estenson, Kathy Frelich
District 19 - Karen Anderson, Paul Stremick
District 20 - Randy Lemm
District 24 - Cole Christensen, Phillip Kleymann
District 25 - Kathy Skroch, Jason Heitkamp
District 28 - Sebastian Ertelt, Josh Loegering, Darcy Meier
District 31 - Dawson Holle, Karen Rohr
District 33 - Keith Boehm, Bill Tviet, Jeff Delzer
District 39 - Andrew Kordonowy, Thea Lee, Mike Schatz
District 47 - Michael Motschenbacher

Mike Blessum
Minot, North Dakota

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