Published April 2, 2022

Hoeven Accepts Endorsement

Written by
Rod Wilson
| The Dakotan
Sen. John Hoeven at NDGOP Convention in Bismarck April 2, 2022 [Photo: Geremy Olson/The Dakotan]
Sen. John Hoeven at NDGOP Convention in Bismarck April 2, 2022 [Photo: Geremy Olson/The Dakotan]

BISMARCK — The rhetoric became contentious at times, but in the end, it was a Senator John Hoeven day at the North Dakota Republican convention in Bismarck.

Hoeven, who collected 1,224 delegate votes to Rick Becker’s 1,037, took the stage at 5:00 p.m. and thanked the delegates for their support. His parting words were for party unity going forward.

In his nomination speech made earlier, Hoeven made the delegates aware of his 100% ratings by Pro-Life, National Rifle Association (NRA), Farm Bureau, Independent Business associations, bringing a cheer from the more than 2,300 delegates when he shared that, “I’ve voted for life, and I always will! I’ve been an unwavering supporter of our military and our law enforcement. I’ve got a 100% rating with the National Association of Police.”

“I’ve been in your corner, and I always will be,” said Hoeven.

The senator was then quick to attack the Biden administration for its energy policies, including killing the Keystone Pipeline, a project that Hoeven had worked hard to get passed in his first year as a senator.

“Biden has taken a country that was energy independent and exporting oil to our allies and made it into country that now relies on oil imports from our adversaries,” Hoeven said.

He continued that he has constantly pushed back on the Biden’s green, new deal saying we need to work together to make America energy secure.

“We cut spending including successfully killing Biden’s $5 trillion spending bill. You know it passed the House, but in the Senate, we killed that bill,” said Hoeven.

He added, “As your senator, I’ve got to be there for our farmers and ranchers, and that means voting for Federal Crop Insurance."

Hoeven pointed to his success in fighting COVID mandates, fighting to secure our borders including voting to build the border wall. “We can’t let them nationalize our elections,” said Hoeven, “and now with more conservative judges we have a real chance of overturning Roe vs. Wade.”

Finishing his speech Hoeven said that we need to carry on North Dakota values, “We live in a state where we can worship God and raise a family the way we want to.”

“I need your help and support, it has been an honor to serve you, and may God Bless the United States of America.”

Hoeven, along with his wife, Mikey, and his family including seven grandchildren, accepted applause from the ND GOP convention crowd.

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