Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and Greg Gullickson Part 56

Lydia Hoverson
 July 14, 2022
The Dakotan:
This is Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and North Dakota Game and fish outreach biologist Greg Gullickson.

Neil Roberts:
Lots of traffic on lakes across the state. Greg we've got more than a month before it's back to school and keeping our shared areas clean is always a consideration, right?

Greg Gullickson:
Absolutely. And this is one that grades my gears. It's litter. There is nothing worse than pulling into a pristine place where you can imagine Lewis and Clark are actually docking their boat and all of a sudden there's a Styrofoam container or there's whatever out there. That's one of the things I keep my pick of all the time with some plastic garbage bags. And I don't know how many times I have filled those up and I'll get home. And my wife will say, boy, I don't remember you eating at McDonald's or at Hardee's or at all these different places today. No, I just simply picked up after what someone else has left. So, again, certainly encourage you to put garbage where it belongs. It's a simple creed to live by. And as Margolis and would say, don't leave your manners at home.

Neil Roberts:
All right. Thanks, Greg And hey, we'll talk camping when we come back.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts on the Dakotan Network.

Neil Roberts:
We're in the midst of summer and camping season in full stride. Greg, some tips for campers today.

Greg Gullickson:
Absolutely. There's a lot of great places out there. Many of the counties across North Dakota have great campgrounds. The state of North Dakota, our North Dakota Parks and Rec do a great job out there. But also on the game and fish wildlife management areas. Keep that in mind when you camping out there that there are a few rules and regulations. There's a great webcast on the Game and Fish Department website that just came out a couple of weeks ago. You can look at the talks about different places to camp in North Dakota for free.

Neil Roberts:
Good stuff, Greg I'll check that out as well. And that brings this report to a close. Until next time. I'm Neil Roberts.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to the Dakotan Network. Real. Honest. Local news.

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