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Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and Greg Gullickson 52

Lydia Hoverson
 June 30, 2022
The Dakotan:
This is Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts and North Dakota Game and fish outreach biologist Greg Gullickson.

Neil Roberts:
We covered Fish taking on an earlier report Greg and a quick follow up today on how important this is.

Greg Gullickson:
Yeah, and we really rely on anglers to help our fisheries managers by reporting information on tagged fish and most tagged fish in North Dakota except for salmon. We'll either have a metal tag on the jawbone or a small tag attached near the dorsal fin tags. Salmon do have their adipose fin removed and also have a microscopic coated wire tag embedded in their head. So if you happen to get one of those salmon, you can drop those heads off at either Riverdale or Bismarck. And it is imperative that anglers report tagged fish on whatever waters are fishing. And no matter if they end up in lightbulbs or back in the lake, it's really good to have that information. Anglers are asked to record the tag number and report that along the date of location where the fish was caught approximate size, whether the fish was harvested or released, and it's quick and easy to do it online at the Game and Fish Department website, gf.nd.gov

Neil Roberts:
All right, good stuff, Greg. And hey, we'll talk loading and unloading your boat when we come back.

The Dakotan:
You're listening to Outdoor Issues with Neil Roberts. On the Dakotan Network.

Neil Roberts:
With a holiday weekend and lots of summer to go. Some tips on loading and unloading your boat today, Greg.

Greg Gullickson:
Yeah, just a few simple reminders from the North Dakota game and Fish to ensure a fluent transition at the ramp. Make sure not to pull onto the ramp until your boats ready to launch. Prepare for launching in that parking area, removing the covers, loading your equipment, remove the tie downs, attach lines, put in the drain plug before backing onto the ramp. When ready, pull into line to launch. Wait your turn. Be courteous. If you see others struggling out there, help them out when you're loading. Don't block the loading area. Make sure when you get that boat out of the water, get clear the ramp. Pull into the parking area and finish securing your boat. Unload your gear drain. All the water again and inspect and remove any vegetation.

Neil Roberts:
Good stuff, Greg. And hey, that'll put a wrap on this report. Until next time. I'm Neil Roberts

The Dakotan:
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