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Lydia Hoverson

Sledding Norsk 

Kick Sleds at the Fest  [email protected]   MINOT – Is it sledding season yet? A booth at the 2022 Norsk Hostfest is ready for it!  Brent and Kristie Fingerson, owners of Scandia Kicksled of Houston, Minnesota, are selling Norwegian kick sleds and Scandinavian merchandise at the Hostfest this year, September 28…
September 28, 2022

Light Up the Fest 

Hostfest Concert Lighting  [email protected]   MINOT – Concerts at the Norsk Hosfest can be fun, but they probably wouldn’t be as much without lighting.  Adam Zastrow, who works for Theatrical Media Services out of Omaha, Nebraska, said his company is doing all the lighting in the All Seasons Arena where the…
September 28, 2022

Return of Swedish Meatballs 

Hostfest on the Way  [email protected]   MINOT – Lefse was ready to cook, and meatballs were ready to steam Tuesday at the North Dakota State Fair Center as vendors set up their booths for the 2022 Norsk Hostfest.  Kasha Nels, Minot, said she has been setting up her and her family’s…
September 27, 2022

Becker: Teen Death could still have been Political

Response to Authorities saying Little Evidence of Political Argument [email protected]  BISMARCK – Authorities have reported that there is little evidence of a political argument before the killing of Cayler Ellingson, 18, in McHenry on September 18, but some conservatives are saying it could have still been politically motivated. According to…
September 26, 2022

Why Not Stock 

Minot State Hosts NOTSTOCK Festival  [email protected]   MINOT – Whether making it or watching someone else make it, art can be a very interesting project that comes in all shapes and sizes.  The Northwest Arts Center in Minot is hosting its 17th annual Minot State NOTSTOCK Festival Thursday through Saturday, a…
September 24, 2022

Young Conservatives Mourn Teen Death 

North Dakota Young Republicans React to Alleged Political Murder  [email protected]   MCHENRY – After the tragic death of Cayler Ellingson, 18, who was hit in McHenry Sunday by a man who said he drove his vehicle into the teen after an alleged political argument, young conservatives and members of the North Dakota…
September 23, 2022

Fill the Holes 

Petition to Fix First Avenue  [email protected]   MINOT – Bumpy roads can be quite annoying, especially for those who own a business near one.  Baelee Reiter, owner of District 89 Salon in downtown Minot, has started a petition to fix First Avenue Northeast, which she said she’s been advocating for almost…
September 23, 2022

Trollin’ Strollin’ Downtown

Downtown Minot Hosts First Ever Troll Stroll    [email protected]   MINOT – In the spirit of Scandinavian culture, combined with the Norsk Hostfest coming up next week, downtown Minot has jumped in with another idea.  Denise Lindbo, owner of Gourmet Chef and board member of Minot Downtown Business & Professional Association,…
September 22, 2022

Leaders of Tomorrow

Making a Difference: Boy Scouts Right in Minot [email protected]  MINOT – Whether it's camping, building, entrepreneuring, or simply adventuring, Boy Scouts Northern Lights Council is all of that in one. The Boy Scouts of America is divided into councils, and the Northern Lights Council serves all of North Dakota as…
September 17, 2022

Nuisance Tode

Soybean Cyst Nematode Present in North Dakota [email protected]  MINOT – There seems to always be something that plagues a farmer’s field, and one this year is soybean cyst nematodes. T.J. Prochaska, extension crop protection specialist with the North Central Research Extension Center, said this nematode lives underground and its biggest…
September 15, 2022
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