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Legislators Act to Reduce Years Required for Teacher Status 

ND House Approves Change from Thirty to Twenty Years  BISMARCK – The House voted Thursday to reduce the years required for a teacher to be eligible for a lifetime teaching license.  House Bill 1329 reduces the years for a teacher to receive a lifetime license from 30 years to 20…
February 2, 2023

Drug Price Study Fails Senate 

North Dakota Lawmakers Defeat Bill    lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – A bill to study the possibility of controlling of excessive prescription drug prices failed on the North Dakota State Senate floor Thursday.  Senate Bill 2031 would require the insurance commissioner to design and implement a prescription drug reference rate pilot program…
February 2, 2023

State Considers Exemptions for Private Education 

School Choice Bills Heard at Legislature  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – A legislative bill to reimburse private schools had a hearing Wednesday in the North Dakota House Education committee.  House Bill 1532 would require school districts to provide funds to private schools. It was heard in the House Education committee.  The bill sponsor, Rep.…
February 2, 2023

Legislative Bill on Cardiac Event Compensation 

Lawmaker Questions COVID Vaccine BISMARCK – The COVID-19 vaccine was questioned in the North Dakota State House chambers Wednesday in discussion of a bill that adjusts standards for the compensation provided for cardiac events of firefighters and law enforcement related to their occupation.  Rep. Jim Jonas, R-Dis. 13, West Fargo,…
February 1, 2023

Marijuana Bill Resurfaces, Fails 

Debate on North Dakota House Floor  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – The North Dakota State House narrowly defeated a bill Wednesday to allow the production and sale of edible, medical cannabis products.  House Bill 1202, which allows the sale of edible, medical cannabis products, requiring 63 votes to pass, was previously defeated…
February 1, 2023

ND Senate Votes for Oil, Gas Scholarships 

Reversal of Do Not Pass Recommendation  BISMARCK – The North Dakota State Senate voted Tuesday to allow scholarships based on the oil and gas industry.  Senate Bill 2197 allows the state board of higher education to award a scholarship of up to $16,000 to an individual who has worked in…
February 1, 2023

Legislative Hit and Run 

ND Senate Passes Penalty for Damaged Property, Animals   lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – The North Dakota State House passed Tuesday a bill to add any property or animals damaged by a vehicle to the hit and run laws.  Current law creates a class B misdemeanor for individuals who damage a vehicle and…
February 1, 2023

ND House Passes Bill Addressing Voting Systems 

Vote on Cannabis Bill, Pledge of Allegiance  BISMARCK – The North Dakota State House passed Tuesday a bill addressing the state’s voting systems.   House Bill 1192 removes the word “electronic” from the century code relating to voting systems, so that all voting systems, electronic or not, must be tested. It…
January 31, 2023

Senate Moves to Clean Up Abortion Laws 

Debate in North Dakota Legislature  BISMARCK – The North Dakota State Senate passed Tuesday a lengthy bill that its sponsor says cleans up current abortion laws.  The bill carrier and sponsor, Sen. Janne Myrdal, R-Dis. 19, Edinburg, described Senate Bill 2150 as a cleanup bill on laws that already exist…
January 31, 2023

Minot Related Legislative Bills 

State Legislature Considers Funds  lydia.hoverson@mydakotan.com   BISMARCK – With North Dakota’s general fund projected to increase around two billion dollars, the State Legislature has received billions of dollars in appropriation requests. Some of those funds are being considered for the City of Minot.  On many people’s minds is flood control. Senate…
January 30, 2023
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