Published May 18, 2023

A Program to Help Women who Suffer after Abortion

Written by
Lydia Hoverson
| The Dakotan

Discover Peace in Minot

MINOT – Dakota Hope Clinic in Minot has a free, confidential program to help women who are struggling after having an abortion.

Tanya Humphreys, lead facilitator for the Discover Peace program, said the program is a six-week curriculum that women who are post-abortive can join.

The purpose of the program is to help those who are suffering from trauma after having an abortion.

“It’s to help them find peace and healing from their abortions,” said Humphreys. “One in four women have had an abortion. There’s a huge amount of women that are keeping their abortions a secret and live with this past trauma and don’t realize how much of their life is affected by their past abortion.”

Humphreys said the stem of the abortion can cause depression, anger, and addiction.

“Getting to the root of that problem and healing from the abortion is really important,” said Humphreys.

Humphreys said Dakota Hope wants to get the word out that these classes are available, free, and confidential.

“You’re coming together with these women that are healing, and you’re healing together,” said Humphreys. “You’re safe to talk about it, you’re safe to heal. You’re safe to grieve for your baby.”

Humphreys added that for miscarriages or stillborn babies, the mothers are allowed to grieve, but not so much with an abortion.

Humphreys took the same course seven years ago. She began co-facilitating the program for six years and has been doing it herself this last year.

“A lot of women don’t see the connection,” said Humphreys. “You don’t realize why some of these things are happening in your life, and when you get into this program and you realize that, it’s really healing to understand and realize that other people are going through the same thing, or went through the same thing.”

Women in the program can take it at their own pace.

“It’s neat how the women in the class help each other along and form that bond of caring and praying for each other,” said Humphreys.

Women who wish to join the program can contact Humphreys at tanya@dakotahope.org. Contacts can also be found on Dakota Hope’s website here.

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