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Charlie Adams

Prairie Health in Mohall

MOHALL -- While the COVID-19 pandemic is now mostly an afterthought in our local rural communities, there is no doubt that the pandemic changed the way many people see the world. For Tiffany Strand and Brandy Moen, this is especially true with the way we were able to care for our “most vulnerable” population.   […]
by Charlie Adams
August 19, 2022

Lansford Strong

  LANSFORD -- This is a small town about 20 miles north of the Minot Air Force Base where service to country and service to community intersect.  Specifically, they come together at the Lansford Rural Volunteer Fire Department.    While other area small communities are constantly struggling to find volunteers, the Lansford Fire Department is about […]
by Charlie Adams
July 12, 2022

For the Farmer: Technology and the Crazy Spring of '22

This spring presented a complete array of challenges for farmers. Often when weather conditions shorten the timeline for adequate spring’s work, a farmer has to decide what stays and what goes. However, technology has helped to make things easier for farmers when the going gets tough. Farmers Edge is a digital agriculture company that not […]
by Charlie Adams
June 28, 2022

For the Farmer: Use Your Facebook Powers for Good, Not Evil

I’m going to complain about social media, but don’t get me wrong.  There is a lot of good that comes from social media.  First and foremost: prayers.  The good old church prayer list can be effective, but Facebook can be even more effective.  In real time.  Instantaneous prayer requests.  Right there on your phone.  God […]
by Charlie Adams
June 14, 2022

For the Farmer: The Finish Line

You are almost there. You can see the end. It has been a late spring. It has been a condensed timeframe this spring. It has been the most stressful spring’s work season you can ever remember. However, just like in any race, keep your eye on the finish line, keep a clear head, and lengthen […]
by Charlie Adams
June 7, 2022

For the Farmer: Industry Update

While it is hard to focus on anything but the remainder of spring’s work and just trying to get through one day and on to the next, it is important to keep your eye on the next few months.  Thinking ahead about the crop you are putting in the ground now and the crop you […]
by Charlie Adams
May 31, 2022

For the Farmer: Honor Memorial Day

This spring has farmers frustrated to no end. If the spring planting conditions have you down, take this time to focus on a pleasant and worthwhile distraction. Think about those who served and gave all for their country. I want to use this opportunity, with Memorial Day less than one week away, to share with […]
by Charlie Adams
May 24, 2022

For the Farmer: I Will Pray for Rain, but....

In our neck of the woods, the farm weather has been terrible since, I don’t know, 1999. If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes they say. Farmers have been waiting longer than that and the tables have not turned. Sure, the weather changed in 5 minutes just like it always does. Only it […]
by Charlie Adams
May 17, 2022

For the Farmer: Spring Update

As of now, the farmers are all getting busy with their own final preparations for spring seeding. However, they are all wondering, “What’s everyone else doing? Is anybody going yet?” From high atop the agronomy perch here in Mohall, the answer is that there have been a few acres planted, but not very many. This […]
by Charlie Adams
May 10, 2022

For the Farmer: "Dear Farmer... Love, your Ag Retailer"

Spring snow has delayed the planting season.  However, there is still a lot of time to get things dried out and get a crop in the ground.  No need to worry.  Farmers now have plenty of questions about availability of earlier day corn (spoiler alert, there is not any), the possibility of switching to a […]
by Charlie Adams
May 3, 2022
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