Published April 5, 2024

Minot Parks to Host Cardboard Bobsled Race

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Minot Parks release

MINOT—The Cardboard Bobsled Race event invites kids from our community to showcase
their creativity and racing skills with homemade cardboard bobsleds. Join us for a chance to win
prizes and earn the title of the fastest bobsled in the West! The 2024 Cardboard Bobsled Race at
the Maysa Arena on April 12th, 2024, starting at 6:00 pm on the Pepsi Rink.
Event Details: - Race Start: 6:00 pm (participants must be checked in by 5:30 pm) - Categories: - 4th to 7th graders

  • 8th to 12th graders - Team Composition: Each team will consist of a pilot and two pushers. - Design Award: An award will be presented for the best design and theme, so let your creativity
    shine through your vessel and costumes! - Safety Requirements: All participants must wear clean athletic shoes and helmets while on the
    Registration: - Pre-registration is mandatory. - Sign up your team for a $5 fee at minotparks.com/events/cardboard-bobsled-race/
    Contest Rules: - At least one person must ride in the sled until the finish. - Only two pushers are permitted on the ice with a sled, with both having a hand on the sled
    when pushing and crossing the finish line. - No lunging the sled across the finish line. - Participants must wear athletic shoes and helmets (any type of hockey, bike, or football
    helmet). - All teams must be checked in by 5:30 pm.
    Approved Materials: - Only cardboard, tape, glue, wax, and paint are permitted. - All materials must be approved by the Minot Parks District. - Sleds must have hockey or packing tape lining the bottom to prevent ice damage.
  • Wood, plastic, or metal materials, including staples, are strictly prohibited.
    For more information, please call the Minot Park District office at 857-4136.
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