Published February 19, 2024

Dis. 14 Endorses Republican Trio

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STEELE – Karisa Grothe, Larry Danduran and Jason Steidl were unanimously endorsed by local Republicans at the District 14 Legislative Endorsing convention in Steele on Sunday, February 18th. Grothe is endorsed for the State Senate seat, while Danduran and Steidl are each endorsed for the two State House seats.

“It is with humility and gratitude, we accept this endorsement from the Republican Party,” said Karisa. “We plan to do our best to represent our conservative values, and the Republican party banner in District 14 and win in November. We asked the local party members to join us in a partnership. This campaign is not about us, it’s about them”

“Folks are deeply concerned about the direction of the country,” said Larry. “They want their representatives to be responsive, transparent and accountable. They want solutions, not ideologues who make excuses about why we can’t fix problems, like reforming property taxes or getting our education standards up to par. They’re seeking actions, not words.”

“Convention attendees told us they were tired of the status quo – not only in Washington, D.C., but also in Bismarck,” said Jason. “What was amazing to hear was a sense of optimism. There’s a deeply held conviction that the spirit of the American dream is still alive. We know that if we follow the great principles upon which our nation was founded, we can lead ourselves back to economic security and a sound, moral culture.”

Bill Kuntz, District 14 Chair, said: “Our local party members came together today in fellowship, and left with a great team of legislative candidates to send to Bismarck. The great thing about coming together like this is that you get a chance to have deep conversations with your candidates, and vet them as a potential choice for your district. After that careful vetting, our district decided they wanted to unanimously get behind the team of Grothe, Danduran and Steidl.”

“We’re very grateful to our incumbent legislators for their many years of service,” continued Kuntz. “God bless them for being willing to sacrifice so much time and energy on behalf of our communities. However, today our local Republicans have made it clear that they want new leadership and fresh ideas. That’s why I publicly called upon our incumbents to unify behind our endorsed ticket.”

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