Published December 13, 2023

Calls for Service Transition

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Minot Police Department

Calls for service transitioning to Citizen Connect program
On December 15, the Minot Police Department will complete a transition from the
traditional calls for service log to the Citizen Connect Crime Map.
The Citizen Connect Crime Map will provide community members with a snapshot of
incidents/cases within our jurisdiction. The map also provides users with more
functionalities along with an interactive experience.
Our Minot ND Citizen Connect allows its users to customize their experience. Users
can select a wide range of dates from the past three days, six months, or a
customized date range. The user also has the option to filter the results to show
only Minot Fire Department calls, Minot Police Department calls, or both. The search
can also be filtered by specific types of incidents, for example, DUIs or burglaries.
Citizen Connect allows you to search for a specific area of town using an address,
for example, your home address. The results will show you incidents within an
adjustable radius between .01 and 10 miles of the address you searched. There is
also an option to create an alert for incidents that occurred in your searched
address radius that will email you daily, weekly, or monthly updates.
Incidents/cases that are sensitive in nature will not be plotted/shown on the map,
for example cases involving minors, or sexual assault crimes. Citizen Connect plots
the information within the center of a 500’ square grid, not the address of where
the incident occurred.
“The most important aspect of this new program is that it gives the citizens of Minot
an easy way to look at what is going on in Minot,” said Police Chief John Klug. “For
safety reasons, there is about a six-hour delay in the calls being posted onto the
map. This is to provide safety to our officers and the parties involved in any
Head to our website at https://www.minotnd.gov/219/Police-Department and click
Citizen Connect Crime Map link on the left-hand side and it will take you directly to
the map.

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