Published June 7, 2023

Reaction to Burgum’s Presidential Bid 

Written by
Kim Fundingsland
| The Dakotan

Area Legislators Respond 

MINOT -- It was certainly a historic moment.  

North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum made it official Wednesday morning, announcing in Fargo that he is entering the presidential race. Burgum cited the economy, energy, and national security as his key platform issues. 

Burgum told the enthusiastic gathering that “Joe Biden has got to go”, a line that was greeted with thunderous applause. Burgum said an open border where fentanyl easily enters the county, and buying energy from enemies were among the current White House policies that “make no sense.” 

Minoter David Hogue, R-Dis. 38 and Senate majority leader, was among those in attendance for Burgum’s announcement. Hogue said he was “highly supportive” of Burgum for president of the United States. 

“I think his message is going to resonate across the country,” said Hogue after watching Burgum’s announcement speech. “It should be about the economy, and particularly the energy policy because we derive strength from the amount of energy we produce.”


Sen. David Hogue, Minot. (Photo provided by the North Dakota Legislative Assembly)

Hogue said Burgum has a great story to tell, coming from the small town of Arthur and going from chimney sweep to software giant. 

“We do know that governors from small states can be elected president,” said Hogue. “If people in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina decide they want somebody focused on the economy and national security, then I think Burgum’s their man.” 

Rep. Scott Louser, R-Dis. 5 Minot, also attended the event, calling it “really unique”, adding, “How often do you get to see something like that from someone you know and work with?” 

Rep. Scott Louser, Minot. (Photo: Kim Fundingsland/The Dakotan)

Louser brought his two daughters to Burgum’s announcement, which he called “the experience of a lifetime.” 

“I think he’s serious. He’s in it to become president,” stated Louser. “I left there with the impression that he is dedicated to winning. He delivers a good message and he’s got a story to tell. 

Rep. Dick Anderson, R-Dis. 6, Willow City, said he was “a little surprised” that Burgum was going to run for president. 

“I know he’s got money behind him,” stated Anderson. “I think he’s got an uphill battle but maybe he’s doing it to get a cabinet position, or maybe trying to set himself up for 2028.” 

Rep. Dan Ruby, R-Dis. 38, Minot, also noted that Burgum was a “long-shot” but didn’t discount the chances of the state’s governor having an impact on the presidential race. 

“I remember several years ago people said “’who is this governor from Arkansas who is running for president?” said Ruby. “It was Bill Clinton.” 

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