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Published May 27, 2023

New Ownership for The Dakotan

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The Dakotan is excited to announce that they are undergoing an ownership change.  

The Dakotan was started in 2021 by Jay Lundeen, Minot, as a digital media source that creates a hybrid news alternative. Since its inception, it has grown to provide news for Central and Western North Dakota along with covering key statewide topics.

The new owner, Jonathan Starr, is a local business owner and entrepreneur that brings a vision of transparent and community focused news.

Starr stated, “Over the past few years, the local news industry has struggled to stay up to date with emerging technology. Further, we are not always able to get local news at our fingertips the way it should be. Our goal for The Dakotan is that we are a free to the user, local news source that is transparent in our reporting and brings the focus back to the wonderful communities across North Dakota.”

The Dakotan has plans to launch a myriad of digital resources that will help connect communities in different ways.

“From voter’s guides to creating an ability to easily find local businesses, we are interested in creating tools and resources that will better connect communities,” Starr said. “We want to get news to the user faster, more reliable, and free. Right now, for the Dakotan 2.0, our driving principles are to be transparency focused and community focused.”

A formal video announcement will be made later this month.

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