Published January 31, 2024

Three Announce for City Council

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Trio proclaims “We Can Do Better” in the City of Minot

MIN OT -- Mike Blessum, Rob Fuller, and Scott Samuelson announce their candidacies for alderman seats on the Minot City Council. The trio intends to run as a team to provide unified messaging and plans for the future of the city of Minot around the campaign theme of We Can Do Better.
Mike Blessum was born and raised in Minot and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Mike and his wife Cherie have two grown children and their first grandchild on the way. They operate several family-owned small businesses in Minot. Mike believes We Can Do Better by narrowing the scope of city government and recognizing the impact of taxation and regulation on its citizens.
“I believe We Can Do Better as a city by delivering necessary public services without using city hall to make social statements and without subsidizing large corporations under the guise of economic development. We need to decrease our reliance on exorbitant property taxes that are 75% higher than the North Dakota average.”
Rob Fuller was born and raised in Minot. He graduated from Bishop Ryan in 1991 and attended UND from 1991 to 1996. He lived in Colorado for 15 years and moved back to Minot in 2012. He was a commercial banker for 17 years and currently he and his wife, Katie, own and operate Spartan Firearms. They have 2 young sons – Tripp and Teage. Rob believes We Can Do Better by creating a common sentiment across our community, emphasizing the need for diversifying revenue streams, and finding alternative ways to fund the budget without solely relying on property taxes.
“I believe We Can Do Better by making sure that we aren’t driving residents (current and future) out of the city limits due to high property taxes. We also need to make sure that our city government isn’t making social, political, and economic decisions that disproportionately burden certain groups of people. It's crucial to foster an inclusive and equitable environment that supports the well-being of all residents.
One approach to address high property taxes is to focus on responsible fiscal management. This involves finding efficiencies in government operations, cutting unnecessary expenses, and exploring alternative revenue sources. City officials should be transparent about budget decisions and engage with the community to prioritize spending that benefits everyone. It is essential to implement policies that promote economic development and job creation. A thriving economy contributes to increased property values and a broader tax base, alleviating the burden on individual residents.“
Scott Samuelson and his wife Connie have resided in Minot for 35 years and have two adult children. Scott is a former business owner in Minot. In 1996 he entered the plumbing field and worked for two different Plumbing and Heating companies. Scott is a licensed Master Plumber with the North Dakota State Plumbing Board. Scott believes We Can Do Better by providing true property tax relief, reducing government spending, and eliminating selective tax breaks and corporate welfare.
“I believe we need to focus on what is good for the Minot community as a whole. We need to lower property taxes, reduce spending, and limit unnecessary regulations. We need to stop choosing winners and losers with subsidies, tax breaks, and taxpayer financing for large corporations and businesses in the name of economic development. I know We Can Do Better.”

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