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Curling Sweeps Through House 

Lydia Hoverson
 March 15, 2023

Creates Official State Sport 


BISMARCK – A bill to make curling the official sport of North Dakota passed the State House Wednesday. 

Senate Bill 2229 would designate curling as the official state sport of North Dakota. 

Rep. Mike Motschenbacher, R-Dis. 47, Bismarck, pointed to other states that have official state sports as well as North Dakota’s official state bird, fish, flower, fruit, and tree. 

“Why not add a state sport?” said Motschenbacher. “Curling is a sport that can easily be played by everyone. According to the Dakota Territory Curling Association, North Dakota has 11 official curling clubs which is the most per capita of any state.” 

The bill passed by a vote of 72 to 21 and will be sent to the governor’s desk for consideration. 

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