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Rep. Lori VanWinkle, R-Dis. 3, Minot. (Photo: submitted)
Rep. Lori VanWinkle, R-Dis. 3, Minot. (Photo: submitted)

Legislative Bill on Cardiac Event Compensation 

Lydia Hoverson
 February 1, 2023

Lawmaker Questions COVID Vaccine

BISMARCK – The COVID-19 vaccine was questioned in the North Dakota State House chambers Wednesday in discussion of a bill that adjusts standards for the compensation provided for cardiac events of firefighters and law enforcement related to their occupation. 

Rep. Jim Jonas, R-Dis. 13, West Fargo, mentioned that in his community, the police department has been significantly impacted by cardiac events over the last two years. He mentioned this while standing in support of House Bill 1279, which he described as a bill that makes adjustments to the presumption that certain injuries for firefighters or law enforcement officers are caused by their work.  

Rep. Lori VanWinkle, R-Dis. 3, Minot, asked Jonas to speak to the concern of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“How is it that we can know that this isn’t related to the COVID shot in these instances?” VanWinkle asked. 

“No information was provided on a COVID shot,” Jonas responded. 

The bill still passed unanimously and will be sent to the Senate for further consideration. 

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