Published October 19, 2022

Becker Proposes Elimination of Property Tax 

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Rick Becker at NDGOP Convention in Bismarck April 2, 2022 [Photo: Geremy Olson/The Dakotan]
Rick Becker at NDGOP Convention in Bismarck April 2, 2022 [Photo: Geremy Olson/The Dakotan]

Will announce proposed legislative measure Thursday 

Bismarck, ND — Representative Rick Becker (R) District 7, Bismarck will announce Thursday afternoon a proposed legislative constitutional measure which will eliminate and replace the property tax in North Dakota.  If approved by the 2023 legislature, the measure will be on the ballot in 2024 where the people of North Dakota will be able to choose whether they want to eliminate their property tax and replace it primarily with existing funds.  Rep. Becker said, “Whether or not legislators fully agree with this proposal, the people of North Dakota deserve the opportunity to vote on it for themselves.” 

Rep. Becker stated, “North Dakota is in a wonderful and unique position to provide true, substantial, and permanent tax relief to all citizens of the state.”  He went on further to say, “This proposal will benefit every single citizen of the state and will do it without raising sales tax or income tax.”   

At the press conference, Rep. Becker will discuss the dramatic increase in state spending, and the failed previous attempts at property tax relief.  “Previous attempts to provide property tax relief have not only failed, but have actually caused an increase in property taxes.  The only way to get true, permanent relief is to eliminate the property tax entirely”, said Representative Becker. 

Who: Rep. Rick Becker 

When: Thursday, October 20, 2022, 1pm 

Where: Legislative Press Room (next to Brynhild Haugland room), ND State Capitol 

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