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Ask Me Anything on Minot Budget

The Dakotan
 August 11, 2022

MINOT -- City Manager Harold Stewart is hosting a series of online Ask Me Anything meetings to answer questions and provide information about the proposed 2023 city budget.

Two more meetings will be held on the City of Minot’s social media platforms and YouTube channel. The online meetings are scheduled to start at 3 p.m.

- Aug. 12 – general government
- Aug. 16 – public works and streets

“The budget is a complicated document with multiple funding sources and a lengthy list of capital projects,” Stewart said. “We want to provide as much information as possible to make the budget more understandable while also answering specific questions from residents. We encourage everyone interested in the City’s budgeting process to tune in and participate in these question-and-answer sessions.”

Stewart and City of Minot staff members will answer questions and provide information relating
to the $182 million preliminary budget that Stewart presented to the Minot City Council on August 1.

Viewers may participate by submitting a question during the live event or in advance.
To submit a question in advance:

Form Center • Minot, ND • CivicEngage (minotnd.org)

To view the proposed budget:

Microsoft Word - 2023 Letter of Transmittal (minotnd.org)

For additional information or interviews contact the Public Information Office at 701-857-4727 or by email at pio@minotnd.org.

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