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PD Fireworks Message

The Dakotan
 June 30, 2022

Police Department Fireworks Message

With the Independence Day holiday fast approaching, the Minot Police Department reminds residents and visitors to the Magic City that possession or use of fireworks is prohibited in city limits under Minot Code of Ordinances 13-41. The penalty for violation of this ordinance is $150.

Often Minot Police are asked if there are certain types of fireworks that qualify as an exception to this ordinance. The easy answer to this question is if the device has a fuse, or in any other way is initiated by flame or other heat source, it is prohibited (this DOES include sparklers and smoke bombs). Novelty noisemakers, sometimes referred to as bang snaps or party poppers, are not prohibited so long as they do not have to be lit to initiate.

The Police Department also reminds those celebrating this Independence Day weekend with alcohol, to please drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.

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