Published June 1, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Written by
Bob Paulson
| The Dakotan
In the opinion of Bob Paulson
In the opinion of Bob Paulson

Washington spin and dark money have come to North Dakota politics.

Jeff Hoverson has been the target of attack ads from the Brighter Future Alliance.  The first ad accused him of voting to defund the North Dakota National Guard and of not being a supporter of the military.  There was no bill to defund the National Guard, that is a lie.  At first glance, if someone is not familiar with the legislative process in Bismarck, this claim might seem feasible.  However, when a bill is presented on the floor of the House, if there are things that a legislator finds objectionable, it is appropriate to vote no in an attempt to get it sent back to committee to be amended. 

In the case of the State Adjutant General budget which includes the National Guard, it contained $10 million for a museum, and it would be appropriate to ask, “Is this a want or a need?  Is this good use of taxpayer funds?”  Additionally, it contained a significant reduction in the budget for first responders.  I understand why Jeff voted no, and it is important to understand that a no vote does not mean that you do not support the underlying agency that is being funded by the bill.

A second hit piece accused Jeff of voting to close Minot State University.  That is absurd, and a blatant lie.  SB 2003 was an appropriations bill funding the entire ND higher education system.  I spoke concerning this bill on the House floor, encouraging a no vote.  My reasons were threefold:  1.  NDSU has for years partnered with Planned Parenthood to train North Dakota teachers in sex education, ignoring concerns expressed to them by lawmakers responsible for their funding.  2.  Football players wore Black Lives Matter decals on their helmets at a taxpayer funded university.  3.  University players were kneeling during the national anthem.  As a veteran I find that incredibly disrespectful. 

As a member of the legislature responsible for funding our higher education system, I cannot in good conscience keep silent while the woke agenda prevails at our taxpayer funded universities.  We need legislators like Jeff Hoverson who will push back against the woke agenda.  There was no vote on a bill to shut down Minot State University.  That is ludicrous, and the smallest amount of honest inquiry would reveal it to be so.  If you have questions on how Jeff votes, call him and ask about it.  His cell phone number is readily available (as is mine).  Just search for our names and North Dakota and you will find them.

As legislators we make many votes over the course of a four-month session.  The most important thing voters should look for is clear leadership and consistency from their elected officials.  Jeff has been consistent in following the moral, fiscal, and philosophical ideals of the Republican party. 

I encourage you to ask yourself, why are “they” spending all this money in an attempt to get rid of one State Representative?   Because I’m pretty sure there will be more expensive, color flyers coming to District 3 mailboxes.  I trust the voters of District 3 will refuse to be duped by the lies of the Brighter Future Alliance.

Bob Paulson
Minot, North Dakota

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