Published April 1, 2022

Ready to Retire: “I’ve Accomplished What I Set Out To Do”

Written by
Jonathan Starr
| The Dakotan
Oley Larsen [Photo: Rod Wilson/The Dakotan]
Oley Larsen [Photo: Rod Wilson/The Dakotan]

BISMARCK — It was 2010 when Oley Larsen, by his own admission a neophyte to the legislative process, threw his hat into the ring to run for 3rd District Senate against a strong incumbent “that I wasn’t supposed to beat.”

Now 10 years later, with the nominating convention for District 3 just 3 days away, Oley Larsen has decided to retire from his senate seat, one that had him Senate Pro Temp.

“It’s time, and I think District 3 is ready for change,” according to Larsen, “and I know that I am leaving at the right time. Those who replace me will carry the Republican principles with them into office, and I am certainly comfortable with that.”

Larsen is tagged as a conservative, and that's OK with him. “I found myself being the only No Vote on bills that were loaded with special interest funding.” As an original member of the Bastiat movement, his actions were often challenged “but not by those who took the time to read the bill and make sure that it fit our Republican platform.”

What’s in the future? “Oley Larsen isn’t going away… in fact, I will be more active than ever,” continued Larsen.

Below is an exclusive interview with The Dakotan.

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