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Dry March Aggravates Dry Conditions

Kim Fundingsland
 April 5, 2022

MINOT — It is dry in western North Dakota, very dry in some places, and indications are that drought conditions could very well expand and spread in the coming months.

In a Drought Briefing issued this week, the National Weather Service says that “Dry weather during the month of March has led to a slight worsening of drought conditions across parts of the west and central, and drought is expected to continue” for the western part of North Dakota. Furthermore, says the NWS, there is “little expectation for improvement in the next few months.”

As for April, considerable uncertainty remains for precipitation, but indicators hint of an active weather pattern for the first two weeks of the month. However, the NWS warns of the development of fire weather concerns throughout the dry regions of the state.

Looking further ahead, says the NWS, “North Dakota is favored for above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation during the summer season and into the beginning of fall.”

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