Published March 29, 2023

OPINION: Support Highway 52 Four-lane 

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Letter to the Editor 

Important info for those too young to remember the building of the Interstate Highway System: 

President Eisenhower, a retired army 5-star general knew the importance of a first-class road system (moving troops and equipment) when he came into office in January of 1953. One of his first goals was to build the interstate system. The original plan was I-94 built as it now is from Fargo to Beach. This is the kicker, I-29 was originally planned to connect the capitals of Bismarck, Pierre, and Lincoln (political power centers). This was hijacked by the power people in eastern North Dakota as well as eastern South Dakota. If the original plan would have been executed, we would have had a 4-lane road from Antler-Minot-Washburn-Bismarck-Pierre, SD—Lincoln, Nebraska. 

In 1962, I started travelling North Dakota before the interstate was built. I drove from Beach to Fargo on Old Hwy 10. I drove from Pembina to Hankinson on Old Hwy 81. I followed many pilot cars 

To the elected leaders in Fargo and Grand Forks, let’s correct a 65-year old problem and support Hwy 52 being 4-laned from the Canadian border to Jamestown. 

Duane Brekke 


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