Published June 12, 2023

Citizen Calls Councilwoman Coward

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The Dakotan
| The Dakotan

Laments Lack of Action

How do you spell coward? E-v-a-n-s. 

Monday evening I was requested to attend the city council meeting at 5:30. Not having been in the new chambers, I went a little early. Carrie Evans and I arrived at the same time. We both saw the large number of people already in attendance. I saw her go up to her desk. The mayor called the meeting to order promptly at 5:30. Evans was not at her desk. 

When the mayor called for discussion on councilwoman Olson’s tabled motion on the “Human Relations Committee amendments, approximately ten people spoke in support of Olson’s plan. Only one spoke in favor of Evan’s proposal. This is where the council went wimpy. 

Councilman Podrygula moved to hold – Evans not being at the meeting. (She saw all the people in opposition to her proposal. She left the meeting – yes, the coward left the meeting.) Yes, I repeat. Podrygula protected her by requesting to hold off on the vote. 

The mayor should have said, “No, this has been going on long enough. Stay in your chairs. We are going to finish this business.” He wimped on us. 

This is why people are disgusted with government. Evans should be removed. I don’t expect that to happen. 

Citizens remember. The next election, we vote Evans out. 

Duane Brekke 


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