Published January 31, 2024

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Regarding the Opinion letter on October 5th ND Officials Oppose Term Limits
I find it humorous (but not surprising) that a collection of ‘professional politicians’ felt the need to come out against term limits. I mean seriously, who has the most to lose if this Measure goes through? Would YOU be high-fiving a measure that could remove your job and all the perks that go with it? Especially a position you’ve held tightly for years.
Of course not! You’d do everything in your power to stop it, as they are!
But oh, the CARING that comes pouring out for We the People! How they care for our RIGHTS.
“It robs voters of the right to elect legislators they continue to support. We have a true part-time citizen legislature and it is one of the greatest strengths of our state.”
Term limits would allow for MORE choice as well as the addition of different ideas from individuals who might not be allowed the chance to serve if an incumbent decides to die in office. And what does “part-time legislature” have to do with term limits? Is it not a real legislature so they need a lifetime to serve?
But this is the section of the letter where I really get angry.
“It takes years to understand the wide range of policy matters legislators must act on including education policy and funding, higher ed, criminal justice, Medicare, Medicaid, healthcare, tax policy, energy development, water, infrastructure funding and environmental issues. To become fully versed on the intricacies of the state budget and state agencies takes even longer.”
What a condescending load of crap! Why does it take years? Because the lifelong political hacks have designed the system to confuse all but the anointed. They can’t scare and awe the “little people” if they don’t write everything to sound so confusing. Besides, that way we won’t question their decisions and we’ll be discouraged from even trying to run for office.

Citing an “already high turnover rate” as the solution to term limits is disingenuous when PAC money, lobbyist power, slick advertising campaigns, and talking points along with a confusing ND website that discourages transparency on how legislators’ voted dress up even the ugliest voting records just in time for our long-term candidates to be elected again.
So, to those who wrote and signed the ND Officials Oppose Term Limits letter:
Kirsten Baesler, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Thomas Beadle, Treasurer
Julie Fedorchak, Public Service Commissioner
Doug Goehring, Agriculture Comissioner
Jon Godfread, Insurance Commissioner
Sheri Haugen-Hoffart, Public Service Commissioner
Al Jaeger, Secretary of State
Drew Wrigley, Attorney General
What are you so scared of? It couldn’t be not being able to spend DECADES in an office with great pay, health insurance, power, the ability to skirt the law, and attention from adoring sycophants…..could it?
Maybe you’re afraid you’ll be next once we realize term limits make it easier to limit your powers.

Kit Brenan
Candidate for District 20 House
Voting in FAVOR of Term Limits

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