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Man’s Best Friend 

A Slice of Life   I write about dogs a lot, but never enough. They deserve more.  No matter what I write about dogs it always seems inadequate, yet here I go again. Dog owners will understand. Dogs do not read. At least I don’t think they do, at least not the written word.  Depending on […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 19, 2023

Those Darned North Dakota Winters 

A Slice of Life Fall. Thud. Winter.  North Dakota just went from a very pleasant fall season to a heavy dose of winter in just a few hours. People who were riding bicycles or raking leaves, and children who were joyously jumping in them, turned to winter clothing and shoveling snow almost overnight. Tennis courts […]
by Kim Fundingsland
November 5, 2023

Haunting Experiences 

A Slice of Life Paranormal activity? Hauntings? Ghosts? Possible?  Not just possible, but true. At least that’s my view. In the words that follow I offer a few personal examples why I cannot dismiss encounters with the supernatural.  A few years back I drove to Fort Laramie, Wyoming to participate in a “living history” week […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 29, 2023

Moments and Memories 

A Slice of Life It is a special place. The fish are big. The memories bigger.   Tobin Lake at Nipawin, Saskatchewan has long been a favorite destination of fishermen from both Canada and the United States. Every year anglers descend on the Canadian water with the expectation of hooking into a fish of a lifetime. […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 22, 2023

A Bird in the Hand 

A Slice of Life Sometimes what seems to be a small, insignificant slice of life has a much greater meaning than first realized. I offer the following example.  A few days ago, I noticed my dog was paying an unusual amount of attention to a small pond in my backyard. Curious, I went outside to […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 15, 2023

Homer Hanky 

A Slice of Life  The place was absolutely crazy. The noise was deafening. The packed stadium went wild as the baseball soared over the centerfield fence at the old Metrodome in Minneapolis. Put four on the board for the Minnesota Twins!  It was a World Series game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Twins first baseman […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 8, 2023

Angler’s Anguish – Kooky or Clever? 

A Slice of Life  Most fishermen: What’s the forecast?  Answer: Wind 15-20 and a 30% chance of rain.  Most fishermen: Yuk. Let’s go another day.  Muskie fisherman: What’s the forecast?  Answer: Wind 25-35 with higher gusts possible, 80% chance of rain/snow with accumulations of 15-20 inches possible, moon phase favorable.  Muskie fisherman: Well, that settles […]
by Kim Fundingsland
October 1, 2023

Finger in the Flame 

A Slice of Life Quite often men behave like, well, men. At least that’s my explanation for what I am about to reveal.  Men relish the tough guy persona, of which the trait of never showing pain is one of the foremost measurements of the male sex. Of course, there’s a limit to how far […]
by Kim Fundingsland
September 24, 2023

Hollywood Horses 

A Slice of Life Old photographs have a way of bringing back to life events of years past.  Recently I was looking through some photographs taken on the set of the movie “Dances with Wolves,” a 1990 big screen blockbuster in which I played an insignificant part as a Union soldier in the Civil War. […]
by Kim Fundingsland
September 17, 2023

Finally Fall 

A Slice of Life I got an early start. Could not wait to get on the water. I thoroughly enjoy fishing, especially in the fall.  No, it’s not officially calendar autumn, but the fall season is underway. Leaves are starting to change colors, even dropping from some trees. Water temperatures on state lakes have begun […]
by Kim Fundingsland
September 10, 2023
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