Published October 1, 2023

Sen. Cramer Statement on Senate Passage of Funding Bill to Avert a Government Shutdown

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The Dakotan
| The Dakotan

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) issued the following statement after voting to support the House of Representatives’ 45-day funding bill. This legislation overwhelmingly passed the Senate with a vote of 88 to 9, averting a federal government shutdown at midnight. The bill extends current government funding levels until November 17, 2023.

“While I am grateful the Senate swiftly voted to pass a clean government funding bill, our work is not over. We have 45 days to get our act together to avoid even more political games. The American people are rightly frustrated by unnecessary drama from the threat of a government shutdown. These lapses are dysfunction at its worst, and they have real impacts on thousands of North Dakotans, not to mention our troops and border agents. Moving bills through regular order where members can amend, reform, and cut wasteful programs is the way to responsibly do the job voters entrusted us to do; political brinksmanship is not.”

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