Published June 26, 2023

Deer Lottery Held, Licenses Remain 

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ND Game and Fish Department Briefs 

North Dakota’s deer gun lottery has been held and more than 4,300 licenses remain. Only resident applicants who were unsuccessful in the lottery can apply for remaining licenses. 

Successful applicants can expect to receive their deer license by early August. 

More than 68,500 individuals applied for a deer gun lottery license, in addition to over 13,000 gratis applicants. The 2023 deer gun proclamation allows for 53,400 deer gun season licenses. 

Unsuccessful applicants can apply online for remaining licenses beginning July 5. The deadline for applying is July 19. 

Operation Dry Water 

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will participate in Operation Dry Water as part of a nationally coordinated effort to increase knowledge about the dangers of boating under the influence. The goal is to reduce the number of accidents and deaths associated with alcohol and drug use on state waterways. 

ODW weekend, July 1-3, is the national weekend of heightened enforcement directed at boating under the influence laws and recreational boater outreach.  

While educating boaters about the hazards associated with boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a year-round effort, on ODW weekend the Game and Fish Department’s game wardens focus on the water, informing boaters about safe boating practices, and removing impaired operators from the water.  

Tips for staying safe on the water: 

Boat sober – Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths. Alcohol and drug use impair a boater’s judgment, balance, vision and reaction time. 

Wear your life jacket – 85% of drowning victims nationwide were not wearing a life jacket. 

Take the online boating safety education course – 71% of deaths nationwide occurred on boats where the operator had not received boating safety instruction. 

Pronghorn Survey Begins 

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual aerial pronghorn survey will begin June 28 and is scheduled to be completed within two weeks. 

During the survey period, small airplanes will sometimes fly low over some parts of western North Dakota. 

The survey determines pronghorn abundance, herd demographics and fawn production. This data is used to set the number of licenses for the fall hunting season.  

Put Garbage Where it Belongs 

Outdoor recreationists are encouraged to keep it clean this summer by packing out all trash. 

All garbage, including used fireworks, should be placed in a proper trash receptacle. If trash cans aren’t available, or full, dispose of trash at home. 

It is not uncommon to see garbage piling up around full trash containers. Styrofoam containers are not biodegradable, but are often found wedged in cattails, drifting or washed up on shore. 

Tires, mattresses and kitchen appliances have found their way to public use areas. This illegal dumping is costly to clean up and takes a significant toll on the environment. Not only does it spoil the beauty of the land, it destroys habitat, has the potential to pollute North Dakota waters and can injure wildlife. 

WMA Regulations Prohibit Fireworks, Camping Restrictions Lifted for Holiday 

Outdoor enthusiasts should note that possession or use of fireworks on state wildlife management areas is prohibited. 

The primary objective of a wildlife management area is to enhance wildlife production, provide hunting and fishing opportunities, and offer other outdoor recreational and educational uses compatible with these objectives. Only activities that would not disrupt the intentions of how these areas are managed are encouraged, and fireworks are not compatible. 

In addition, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department will lift the Tuesday-Wednesday no-camping restriction for the Fourth of July holiday week, which will allow overnight camping July 4-5 on those WMAs that otherwise have this two-day restriction. 

A complete list of WMA regulations is available on the Game and Fish website, gf.nd.gov. 

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